October 2010 Volume 5, Issue 4


A country wedding

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timothy daltonTHE JANE CONTEST

The "Jane Contest" seems to be one of the most popular parts of my newsletter, so this month it gets star treatment by being the first feature.

Before we look at the new contest, let me give a warm congratulations to the winner of the last one:

(And the winner is...)
Congratulations, Annette!
Please send me your full mailing address so I can get a book out to you.

Kristen Fang
Patricia Cochran
Michelle Hamilton

Last Question Was:
Jane Austen heartily disapproved of which Queen, and why?

Last Answer:
Jane Austen heartily disliked Queen Elizabeth I, because she had her cousin Mary, Queen of Scots, imprisoned in the Tower and eventually beheaded.

If Jane Austen were alive today, I think she'd find the blogging epidemic utterly irresistible. She'd have her own blog, of course, and perhaps even more than one.

This month's contest is for you to decide what Jane would call her blog.

Unlike past months, there is no "right" or "wrong" answer, so all of you can participate! You don't need to have read her books, and you certainly don't need to be an expert on Jane. I'm looking for something impish or fun, and perhaps with the flavor of her time period.

Have fun and send me your ideas! You may send in as many as you like, but since it isn't a matter of being the first to write in (as in past months), there will be a deadline: October 31.

So, come up with a blog title for Jane. The winner will win their choice of any of my three books, along with an autographed mini-poster of the book cover!

Send your entries to Linore (at) LinoreRoseBurkard (dot)com. Good luck!
Getting Personal :
What A Summer!
me, karen and chris
Here I am (center) with two of my lovely sisters, Christine (left) and Karen (right). They joined me in Florida when I went to the IRCC Awards Meeting in July. My second book, THE HOUSE IN GROSVENOR SQUARE tied for second place in the Long Historical category. The IRCC (Inspirational Reader's Choice Contest) is held annually by the Faith, Hope and Love Chapter of the Romance Writers of America. Thank you readers, for choosing my book and taking it to second place! This was the first time Karen, Chris and I vacationed together and we had a blast. My 13 year old was with us, too. I think she had more fun than any of us.

I had a summer of travel, visiting family, picking up an award for my second book (see above), surviving the giant wave pool at Disney, sweating in a Dutch village in Holland, Michigan, and more!

In between all of the above, I also finished a new book, which I know many of you are patiently waiting for. Say a prayer that my agent lands a publisher for it right away, and you could be holding it in your hands within a year.

(I can dream, right? Hey, all things are possible with God, even in the slow business of book publishing!)

New Subscribers Alert:
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I've been remiss in not announcing book winners for months, for which I sincerely apologize. If you've signed up for the newsletter sometime within the last five months, check the list below for your EMAIL! You may have won a book.

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Congratulations, Winners!
To receive your book:
Send me an email with your full name and mailing address, and please specify which of the two books, below, you would like to receive for your prize.

Email me at:

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If you didn't get your free book yet, please contact me via email, at the above address. You'll be glad you did.

E-Book Nook
Do you own a Kindle? A Sony Nook?
If not, don't fret: Amazon offers free "Kindle for PC" software, so that you can read Kindle books on your
pc. Other providers are beginning to do the same.

THIS WEEK I found the following ebooks for FREE on Amazon for the Kindle. (If you don't have a Kindle, your ebook reader may be able to transpose a Kindle ebook.) To get these ebooks, go to Amazon (the Kindle store) and enter these titles in the search box.:

Mr. Darcy's Diary, Amanda Grange
Rain Song, Alice Wisler, Contemp romance
Holy Bible, God's Word translation, Baker Pub.
Retirementology, Gregory Salsbury
Mr.and Mrs.Fitzwilliam Darcy: Two Shall Become One, Sharon Lathan
Dawn's Prelude, Song of Alaska, Book 1, Tracie Peterson

I've picked up the habit of checking about once a week for new Kindle promotions. I've got a lot of GREAT books this way. I don't take everything that's offered--but there have been a lot of good, clean books offered free on a promotional basis that I'm thrilled to get; as well as old classics I'd never heard of before.
(Such as the book I'm reading right now, Lady Audley's Secret. It's wonderful.)

Finally, I would be remiss not to remind ebook readers that my first two books are available in Kindle format, too! I expect that the third, The Country House Courtship, will show up there one of these days as well.


Happy Reading!
Fair at New Boston, OH
Last month I ushered in the fall by going to an American Revolutionary War Fair. To my delight, people came in costume not only from that time period, but from the Regency!

I took scads of photos, which you can view by going Here. (This newsletter would take some of you about an hour to download if I posted them all inside it, which is why you need to go to my blog to view the pics.)


PS: These people, above, were so nice! The woman in yellow shared with me that her daughter had read and loved my books. That was an added delight.
WEBINAR with Linore and Donna--Upcoming
penandbookWe had such a great time at the last Greater Harvest Workshops event in July, that we've decided to bring the next event to YOU!

That's right! Instead of holding our winter workshop here in Ohio, we're going to do a one-time online WEBINAR, which means that you can come no matter where you live.

Donna Shepherd and I are still busy working out the details, but rest assured that like our other events, we'll have an appealing mix of relevant topics for writers and speakers such as:

Improving Your Platform
Promoting Your work
How to Write the Novel Inside You
How to Write Children's Books
Public Speaking
Self Publishing: Should I or Shouldn't I?
And many more.

If you have ever felt the call to write, lead, or speak, Greater Harvest Workshops will encourage you.

With the collective wisdom of experienced, successful authors, GHWs offer the know-how and shortcuts to move you forward with your God given gift of using words.

To make sure you don't miss the announcement of our first WEBINAR, hop over NOW and get on the mailing list for Greater Harvest. You can be closer to reaching your goals in 2011! Just click the "follow" the blog and you'll be on our notification list.
(And while you're there, enjoy some pictures of our past events. )

PS: It's going to be exciting and encouraging, so sign up now and we'll contact you when the details and date are ironed out.
Fantabulous Links
1.Here's a great regency (informative) blog--and this author is a subscriber, so be sure to visit and browse!

2. Need some great reading suggestions? Or maybe you just like to see beautiful book covers--either way, check out this page and be dazzled. : )

3.Read an article I wrote recently for newer writers, "Starting Out Strong," for the SeriouslyWrite blog.

4. Here's a brand new blog for YOUNG ADULT fiction. (Give them an alternative to Twilight!) "It's all about teens and the books they love!"

5. Regency titles and forms of address are always confusing to newer writers (even we published authors get confused sometimes!) so go here for a brief primer, or to brush up.

6. One reader reviewed two of my books on her blog and sent me the link--see what she thinks HERE.

7. THIS WEEK ONLY: Leave a comment on this blog and you could win a book. No contest entry required!
OCTOBER Free Download

This month I offer you a great selection of fall/Autumn bookmarks, letter templates, and more. They come from Susan Kistler, who distributes a wonderful array of graphics on a continual basis to anyone on her list. If you like this sort of thing, subscribe to her mailing list and you'll get millions and zillions (more graphics than you ever knew existed) in your inbox, almost daily. Ms. Kistler is a wonder.

To subscribe, shoot her an email (click her name, above) and put "subscribe" in the subject line.

To use the graphics in the free download, print them out on a color printer, cut and paste to a sturdy cardstock--and use! If your printer allows you to print directly onto a sturdy paper, all the better. Enjoy!

Note that the file is large and downloading may take a minute or two.

Until next time, I wish you cheerful reading, and real-life happy endings!

Warmest blessings,

PS: Remember to pick up your free download before you go!
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The Jane Contest
Getting Personal
You May Have Won a Book!
E-Book Nook
The Fair at New Boston
A Peek at My Email
"The verdict is in and I loved it! "
Sandi Andrews

"Enchanting. Jane Austen Lite!"
Dina L. Sleiman

Narelle Atkins

"Absolutely loved it!"
Cindy K. Green

Cover--Country House Courtship

View the Trailer--

A young Miss Beatrice Forsythe runs into conflict when her heart's desire for a husband runs counter to what she knows in her head is best.

Buy from ChristianBook.com

"A Regency Delight!"
Therese Stenzel

"Oh, 'tis bittersweet! I just finished The Country House Courtship and I do believe it is my favorite!"
Tammi Ector Fisse


What one reader wrote:

Read C.J.Darlington's review


(Random Peeks At My Email)

woman reading
I wanted to let you know that I absolutely LOVED your books. The detail was great! I find some Christian writing to be too preachy, but I liked the way you introduced scriptural concepts. The extensive research you did made the book come alive!
I am going through withdrawals now that I've finished the series!! Will you be writing more such books? ... Thank you for sharing your gift of writing!

Carol A. Tyler

I just left your website - it is wonderful! I subscribed to your newsletter while there. Thank you for providing the link for blog tools, I really appreciate it.
Blessings to you,
Beverly Grider
I am so enjoying reading "Before the Season Ends!" I snatch a few moments here and there betwixt diaper changing, my graphic design work and church duties. What a pleasure it has been to read your charming story that captures my imagination and transports me back to my own visit to London a few years ago.
...I find your writing most refreshing... so much so that I'm limiting myself to a few pages a day to prolong the experience.
Many blessings to you and your family.
Becky Long
Richmond, VA

Just to let you know I am reading your books, and they are delighful.
I can't quite decide whether you have spent a lot of time in England or done your homework - but you have done really well.

Doreen Bowers

I just finished The Country House Courtship. It was excellent! I wanted to read it one chapter at a time over a period of several days in order to enjoy it as long as possible - but I couldn't put it down and ended up reading it in one day instead. Will there be a fourth book in the series?...
The details in all of your books really make them come to life.

Al Lovelady


I have read all three of your books and am fascinated by them. Their plots and history are so intertwined.
Please release a 4th book as soon as possible and let me know the title so I may purchase it.
A devoted fan
Clara Mae Hudgins

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CAPTIVATING WOMEN Mini-Conference in Florence, KY

Erin Campbell Ministries presents Captivating Women conferences each year all around the country. I'm excited to report that I'll be speaking at the November 13th, 2010 event in Florence, Kentucky.

To see the full day's schedule, click

Captivating Women exists to "Meet the Unique Needs of Christian Women at Every Stage of their Faith. Our purpose is to create a safe place for women to grow deeper in their faith, to become more fully equipped in their call, and to fellowship with others who desire to live boldly for Jesus Christ... We are
'Building Confident Women in Christ."

Join me at this event! Register Here