Sopa, Hujambo, Hello!

These days the Lion Guardians report line is ringing off the hook! The many reports of females with cubs has all of us very excited. In fact, we are delighted to share with you that over 30 cubs have been born this year already and more are on the way. The Guardians have been ecstatic every time they spot one of their female lions with newborn fluffy cubs. The entire team at Lion Guardians are simply awe-struck that today we are able to see the grand-cubs of lions we saw as cubs, giving birth to their own cubs! That's five generations of lion families we have watched come into this world and a far cry from anything we imagined in the years before 2007 when the lion population was teetering on the edge.
In addition to this, we are excited to share with you some of the key highlights from the past months. And of course, we cannot forget that none of this would be possible without your support and commitment to the Lion Guardians program. 
It takes a community to conserve lions and preserve cultures, we are grateful that you are a part of ours. 
Ashe Oleng, Asante, Thank You!
The season of giving is here. Please consider celebrating the holiday season with a donation that will help conserve lions and preserve cultures. 

The fifth generation of the Selenkay Pride frolick in the golden sun
News from the Field & Beyond
Another Amazing Games: 
Every year, the extended Lion Guardians family gets togethe r to celebrate the achievements of the previous year, reconnect with old friends and refresh our
knowledge. It is a special time for us. This yea r was no different. Over the last week of July, a hundred Guardians, staff members, supporters and stakeholders, all gathered at our  camp in the Amboseli ecosystem. The resulting feeling was magical. From the sonorous earthy singing to the close competitions and camaraderie on the fields, the Lion Guardians camp was heaving with spirit and laughter.
Put on your make-up and make a difference: 
Early in September, Chantecaille launched the Protect the Lions campaign aimed at raising awareness about the plight of lions, as well as the work that Lion Guardians does. Chantecaille created a line of products inspired by our work, the heart-throb lion Martii and the Amboseli region.  In addition to all the exposure, Lion Guardians have received a substantial gift from the profits. The line has been a big hit and is already completely sold out from their warehouses. The good news is that they are still available at various top-of-the line stores -   Find a store near you , then hurry and get some while you still can! 
Lions for Life:
As you may recall, in quarter one an Australian veterinarian surgeon trained some of the Guardians on basic wound care and treatment. We have been piloting the program since then and it has been highly appreciated by the community. The majority of people who have been assisted claim that if the treatment continues it will reduce chances of people wanting to kill lions. An elder from Iloirero whose cow we recently treated said, "this is a brilliant idea to have in a pastoralist community; because in the past we use livestock urine, ash and other medicinal plants in the bush to treat wounds of injured livestock, but there were high chances of livestock dying because of no proper treatments and now I see a hope of cow[s] surviving". We believe that this could become an integral part of our Lions for Life project. 
The Guardians' Marathon:   

This past April we piloted a new system using GPS track log to collect accurate information on where Guardians are monitoring lions and analyzing their zone coverage. The data has been extraordinarily useful to understand the areas that are most difficult to access as well as sharing with the communities what a great job the Guardians are doing in assisting them. This, in turn, has increased our knowledge on lion movements and conflict incidents. In the past six-months, the Guardians have patrolled over 62,000 kilometers!

Lion Guardians and the Ball to Remember: 
We are honored to be one of only three other organizations selected to be a part of the   Animal Ball The event promises to be one of the biggest fundraisers for conservation in Europe and a night never to forget. 

Inspired by Truman Capote's Black & White Dance and returning to the era of formal dinners pre-ball, our partners and the main organizers of the Ball, Elephant Family are working with the best restaurants, private member clubs and notable private homes, to host 40 simultaneous delightfully inspired dinners across London.  After dinner, everyone will head to The Animal Ball in their animal group for an unforgettable night inspired entirely by the animal kingdom. Furthermore, Elephant Family is also partnering with fashion houses to develop animal masks for the Ball as such it promises to be a premier fashion event. We are pleased to share that Alfred Dunhill is creating the lion masks for us! We'd love to see you on November 22nd in support of some of the world's greatest remaining species and share this special night with us, please get in touch and we can share the finer details. 
Feature Story
The Lioness Selenkay:  A Warrior Who Built a Pride

Today the Selenkay pride are a shining example of how lions living on community lands can overcome the immense challenges they face in the battle for coexistence. And their story of survival can be credited to one amazing lioness - Selenkay.  The rapid growth of her family even during most difficult times is a testament to her ability to make wise decisions and adapt to changing circumstances. She now leads one of the first prides to form once human persecution lessened on the group ranches in 2007-2009. Furthermore, her family has grown to be the single largest pride of lions outside of protected areas in the Amboseli-Tsavo ecosystem, averaging 20+ members over the past four years, and representing over five generations.  Read the full story  here .
Meet a Guardian: Olubi Mitaki

From herder to warrior to Guardian - this is the story of Olubi Mitiaki. We hope you enjoy this special three-part in-depth look into the making of a Guardian.

Inspired by Olubi's story? Sponsor a Guardian today and be a part of the transformation.

All photographs credit Philip J. Briggs unless otherwise mentioned