December 2022


Reflections on 2022 and a look forward to the coming year

As the calendar year 2022 draws to a close and we start to focus on the Holidays that are fast approaching, I wanted to share a few words of appreciation to my fellow Lions as I reflect on the past year which was also my first year with the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation as a Director with the Development Team and your Lion's Liaison.

Brian Donegan, Lawrenceville Lions Club President and Fran Schefer (right) at a January Georgia Swarm event to benefit the Lighthouse

New members of the Alpharetta Lion Club being inducted this past Spring including Lion Fran Schefer (center) next to his Sponsor, First VDG, Dennis Chapman (far right)

One of the aspects I have enjoyed most in this role is the opportunity to cultivate relationships with Lions Clubs across MD-18 that enable Lions to help advance the mission of GLLF and better serve their communities. Against that objective, I hope I am being an effective and responsive resource. On at least twenty separate occasions, Lions Clubs graciously invited me to speak at meetings or participate in events (such as a screening or Lions fundraiser). I've also had the pleasure of hosting a Lions meeting or two at the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation. Not only did I see some interesting parts of Georgia in route to those meetings, but greatly appreciated the warm reception and engagement the Lions showed for the information I shared pertaining to the Foundation.

Attending the individual District Conventions in the Spring capped by the MD-18 State Convention in Dublin last May allowed me to further make connections and work toward building a stronger bond between Georgia Lions and the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation. Finally, being inducted as a member of the Alpharetta Lions Clubs on March 24, 2022 was also a highlight this year and continues to strengthen my appreciation for "Lionism."

Lion Fran Schefer (right) pictured with the Lions Club of Augusta President, Bill Ferguson (center) and Treasurer, James Redmond (left) receiving a generous donation in April.

Lion Fran Schefer addressing the District L Convention attendees with International Director and key note speaker, Dr. Jose Marrero of Puerto Rico (right).

I know I don't say "thank you" nearly enough nor take the time to personally contact all of the Lion Clubs and individuals whose contributions help fund this mission. And you contribute in so many ways, e.g. donations, fundraising, campaign sponsorships, to name just a few. Of course, I would be remiss not to also recognize all the Clubs who provide vision services to their communities through screenings and partnering with local eye doctors. Additionally, those Lions Clubs who choose to volunteer at the Recycle Center, most notably the Snellville Lions, enable GLLF to support mission trips that bring sight to foreign countries.

So this is my chance to express my appreciation on behalf of the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation to all of you for the impact you make on providing and further enabling vision services to those Georgians in need, especially during calendar year 2022. If you didn't receive a copy of our Impact Report: FY22 Highlights + Vision for the Future, then I encourage you to download a copy. If you prefer a printed copy of the Impact Report, please send me an email and include your mailing address.

View Report

This report should give you optimism and confidence on how we are transforming vision care in Georgia through cutting edge technology-driven initiatives such as the statewide Tele-Optometry program and innovative initiatives working with Kia, the Atlanta Public Schools, Atlanta Lions Clubs and other partners to bring sight to more Atlanta school children. In the coming year, we hope to enable Georgia Lions to further extend our mission services with more vision resources and volunteer opportunities that we will plan to discuss at the District Conventions in March. We definitely look forward to a great coming year and continuing to build stronger relationships.

Lions came together over 70 years ago to create our mission. As Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation staff, we are proud to advance this mission on behalf of all Lions across the state. –Fran Schefer

Lastly, I wanted to provide links to some of the Lions newsletter communications in 2022 in case you missed them as they help to underscore some additional highlights involving Georgia Lions. Thank you again for choosing to make a difference!


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