Lions Paw 10-9-18
Its a short week! No school for the rest of the week.
The ELC will be open during those days off and will take school agers if needed- they must be registered.
The office will be open for normal office hours on Thursday and Friday. Wednesday the office will be open at 1 pm if you need something.
Parents and Guardians, please remember to sign in and check out your student if they arrive late or are leaving early . Even if Miss T is not there, please fill out the white paper on the clipboard. We want to keep our students safe and know where they are. Also, if you are coming to volunteer please fill out a sheet in the office so we know there are more people in the building. Thank you for helping us keep our school safe.
Jog- a - thon Volunteers needed!
We are in need of Jog-a-thon lap counter and timers. If you are able to help- even if it is for a little bit- it would be greatly appreciated. Talk to Stephanie Higgins if you need more information.
The Giving Plate
You might hear of the Giving plate going around the school. Mrs. Ulrich started a giving plate that will circulate around the school giving goodies to families and school staff. The goal is to have it reach everyone in the school before the year is up. If you are given the giving plate, make/buy some treats for a family and give it to them! Be sure to write your name on back of the plate so everyone gets a chance to give/ receive. If you would not like to participate, you can give the plate to the office and we will give it to another family for them to start.

This is a great way to get to know all of the Zion family! Thank you Mrs. Ulrich for this great idea!
October 5 Quarter 1 Mid-term
         PTL meeting @ 3:15 in the Fireside Room
October 10-12  No School
October 18 Quilt Parade @ 2:30
October 19 Jog-a-thon;   
October 26  Zion Pride Day
We need spare clothes!
Our spare clothing pile is getting low on a few sizes. If you have clothes size 24 month to 6x for girls and boys- bring them into the office! We will put them in our spare clothing for accidents or spills. Thank you Zion families!
The deadline for bringing in box-tops is October 26th! If you have any, bring them to the office so we can get them turned in. Below is a link to the sheet they need to be on. Thank you for helping our school!
Volunteer Hours!
We are glad to have volunteers help our school! If you would like to volunteer in a classroom, we will need to have a background check before you start. There are forms right outside the office- fill them out and give them to Miss T. Be sure to keep track of your hours. There are sheets outside the office in the box. Please take one and turn it into the basket outside the office. Mrs. Kontra will take them and keep track of them.

Coming soon...... We will have a volunteer hour sign up on the bulletin board. Teachers and staff will write down item that they need help with. Keep an eye out for the sign up sheet next to the office!