Principals' Message
Last week was an odd juxtaposition of winter wonder and hardship. Hopefully, the spring weather this week has, in part, eased the burden of the many families in our community who were without power and water, burdens added to the stresses of a global pandemic. Our counselors have provided some resources below that may help families to navigate the emotional toll of the events of the year. 
Counselors Corner: Resources to Help Children Emotionally Cope in the Aftermath of the Winter Storm Disaster

The winter storm has caused substantial harm to communities and families. After a disaster, children may have symptoms related to anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Many of these behaviors, though they are usually temporary, can be challenging for caregivers.

Counselors Corner: Speaker Series
Megan Ibanez discusses, "Grief and Children: Understanding and Supporting during Difficult Times"
Grief is about loss, and loss is not just about death. It can be a divorce, moving to a new home or school, changes in school or home routines due to COVID-19, loss of a friendship, or even loss of social status amongst peers. Megan Ibanez joins us from Central Texas Child and Family Counseling to share with us how to recognize grief in ourselves and in our children and how to support those we love on this journey. 
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Counselors Corner: European Universities Consortium North America Tour

Students and parents are invited to participate in the European Universities Consortium (EUC) North America Tour on the evenings of March 2 and 3.

Their aim is to introduce parents and students to different Universities in Europe. 
Q4 Commitment Forms Due March 5

Our 4th quarter begins March 22. If you wish to switch the method of learning in which your student is currently enrolled (distance learning or on-campus learning) for the 4th quarter, we will send an email Friday to the primary parent on your child's enrollment form. Please fill out the appropriate form by Friday, March 5.

If you wish to continue in the method of learning in which you are currently enrolled for the final quarter of the school year, then no action is needed!
Asynchronous Day Friday, March 5

March 5 is an asynchronous instructional day. As with the asynchronous days that we’ve had thus far, we will not have Zoom classes. This is a day for students to catch up on work that was already assigned, or get ahead on work that is coming up. This is also a day for teachers to work on grading and planning for instruction.

While we ask for students to stay home where possible, if your child needs to be on campus, please fill out this form.
An Opportunity for High School Students

The Academies by Harvard Student Agencies are intensive two weekend long academic enrichment programs for high-achieving high school students. According to the site, “Taught by Harvard undergraduates with curriculum curated by Harvard professionals, our career-orientated programs in business, business consulting, politics, coding, pre-law, and pre-med have something for every student regardless of background or prior experience.”  
Although we cannot guarantee it, at a glance these programs seem to be high quality. The price to attend a Level 1 Weekend Academies program is $200 and Level 2 Academies program is $250. The price to attend a Level 1 Summer Academies program is $300 and Level 2 Summer Academies program is $350. Students must be nominated for these programs by a school administrator. If you are interested, please email Stela Holcombe at  
Yearbook Picture Day is Thursday, March 4

For all K-11 students who have not yet taken a yearbook photo or who need a retake. Face-to-Face (On Campus) Learners will take their photos during the school day. Distance Learners will register for individual time slots that are available between 10:30 am – noon and from 5 pm – 7 pm. Learn more.

Secondary Clubs & Groups Update

Yearbook Photos for Secondary Clubs & Groups are scheduled for Tuesday, March 23. Learn more.
Athletics Updates

Join us for a DEI Listening Session for Athletics on Thursday, February 25.
Sports Photos are scheduled for Wednesday, March 24.
Spring Tennis is canceled due to COVID-19.
Meridian Masks and Funky Socks Raise Money for the School, Provide School Supplies in Uganda
Meridian School is excited to partner with We Help Two to sell custom Meridian mask packs and funky socks. Sales will run now through Sunday, March 7. Order through this website.

The masks come in a pack of three and proceeds go toward next year’s 8th/9th grade field trip. The masks will be delivered to your child at school or available for pick-up for distance learners after spring break.

Funky socks are back and we are excited about some fun new sock designs and some fan favorites from last year. Sock packs ship directly to your house and proceeds provide money and supplies for children to attend school in Uganda. 

Check out this flyer for more information. Thanks for contributing to these great causes! Questions? Email
Upcoming Events and Useful Links
Holidays and Holy Days

The Bahá’í faith continues to celebrate Intercalary days through February 28, which is followed by a 19-day fast during the final month of the Baha'i year. The Jewish holy day of Purim begins at sundown tonight, celebrated by fasting, feasting, and giving gifts to charity. Women's History Month begins March 1, honoring the contributions of women throughout our history. Texas Independence Day is March 2. On this day in 1836, delegates at Washington-on-the-Brazos voted to declare independence from Mexico. Read on ...

Events At-a-Glance
  • February Cafeteria Calendar: Breakfast and Lunch and Distance Learning menus
  • Overview of secondary events; subject to change
  • Picture Day March 4
  • Asynchronous Days: March 5, April 30
  • Picture Day for Secondary Clubs and Groups March 23
  • Picture Day for Athletics March 24

Middle School Principal: Melina Berduo
High School Principal: Charles Ryder

Student or Curricular Concerns

Assistant Principal grades 6-7: Matthew Castaneda
Assistant Principal grades 8-10: Crystal Lane
MYP Coordinator grades 6-10: Kristen Machczynski
Assistant Principal grades 11-12, IB DP Coordinator: Stela Holcombe
Secondary Special Education Coord: Haley Weisbrod
Secondary Librarian: Tina Van Winkle

Middle School Counseling: Laura Docherty
High School Counseling: Carrie Proctor
College Counseling: Kathy Gregg

Additional Contacts

Middle School Attendance: Olga Alexander
High School Attendance: Shawn Seaman
Cafe: Chef Leslie Sterzinger