Principal's Message

We have completed the first week of in-person instruction in conjunction with distance learning. We continue to work through some challenges with the Carline (see changes below); thank you for your help and understanding! Our students who have returned are doing great with our new procedures and expectations. 7th and 11th graders, we look forward to welcoming you back on Monday!
6th-7th and 11th-12th Grade Students On Campus Next Week

Next week our 7th and 11th grade students will join our 6th and 12th grade students on campus. Please remember that, though you may drop off as early as 7:30 am, to prevent crowding, we ask that those who have the option to wait not drop off on campus until after 8 am.

Please see here for Return to Campus Guidelines (which, among other things, includes the school supply lists).

For details on health and safety, review our Return to Campus Protocols.

Find a review of PikMyKid and how to use the app.
Supply List Modification: Copy Paper OR Lysol Wipes

We have always asked for students to bring two reams of copy paper to the school. Some have asked why we have this need this year, since we have reduced our paper consumption with COVID-19 and Distance Learning. This is true, and COVID-19 has created new needs, such as more use of cleaning supplies.

We have updated our supply list, asking for students to bring either two reams of copy paper or one container of wipes (such as Lysol wipes). If you have already purchased copy paper, please bring them in when your student comes to campus. Though we are using less paper this year, we still need copy paper! If you have not yet purchased copy paper and would prefer to bring in a container of wipes, however, please do so.
ATTENTION: Change to After School Carline

After examining how the new system works with PikMyKid, we are implementing a change that we believe will safely allow secondary after school carline to flow more effectively. Blue and Orange carlines will merge and both will pick up in the right-hand lane in front of the primary building. 

  • As always, we ask that parents do not arrive prior to the end of primary carline (3:55 pm).
  • If for some reason you do arrive early, however, please line up in orange carline (this will keep secondary parents out of the primary line). 
  • Remember, as well, that secondary parents cannot announce their arrival in PikMyKid until after 3:55. 
  • After 3:55, orange and blue carline parents can choose either line, whichever is shortest, as students for both lines will be loading into cars from the same location (in right hand lane, in front of primary). This leaves the left hand lane free so that when your students have loaded into your car you can pull out and exit via the left hand lane. Then when exiting campus, you may turn either left or right onto Meridian Lane.

Please see the revised Secondary After School Carline Map.
Changes to In-Person vs Distance Learning Status

We survey families every quarter as to whether their students will be learning On Campus or through Distance Learning  for the upcoming quarter grading period.  Families may freely change their status at the time of those surveys.  Some however, reassess after the survey and change their mind. In these cases, the following process must be followed:

Email your request for a change of status to the appropriate principal:

If the requested change is from On Campus to Distance Learning, principals will generally approve the change automatically.

If the requested change is from Distance Learning to On Campus, principals will evaluate whether space permits the change and approve or disapprove on this basis.  If a request to switch on On Campus is not approved, the student will need to wait until the next quarter grading period to switch.

Emailing the Principal?

If you need to email the principal for any reason, please make sure that you use their official email address, not their personal address (personal addresses have first initial and last name).  Principals receive a great deal of email. Emails to the official email address are more easily tracked and we are able to ensure a more timely response.

Symptoms of COVID-19 vs Other Illnesses
Is your child feeling ill and you want to know whether it might be COVID-19 or something else, such as flu, a cold, strep, allergies, or asthma?  See this chart from the CDC!
Phone interface PikMyKid
Daily Morning Check-In Action: Health Screen
Parents: if your child attends on-campus instruction, remember to fill out the check in health screen every day before they come to school. Access it by clicking on the blue button on the main screen in your app.
You'll receive a daily 7 am reminder from PikMyKid for the first few weeks to help you remember while it's new. 
If your answer is "yes" to any of the questions, please look to our Return to Campus protocols for guidance before coming to school. You may hear from our nurse as well.
Student Drivers

High school students who have been assigned a parking space who desire to park on campus when they return to school must follow instructions provided by Mrs. Holcombe via email over this past weekend. Students should complete the registration via Google Form from the email, and they should also email a photo of their driver’s license and insurance information to Mrs. Holcombe. Parking fees will be billed via My School Bucks.

Attention Parents of 10th Graders

It is possible that we might have a student parking spot (for at least part of the school year) if your student attains a driver’s license. Note that 10th graders who acquire a spot in their sophomore year get to keep it for the junior year. Email for more information.  

Senior Movie Night

The seniors will have a movie night via Zoom on the evening of Saturday, October 3. More info will be sent directly to the students very soon!
Thank you, GTX Awards of Georgetown!

GTX Awards of Georgetown surprised the senior Class of 2021 with personalized tumblers! These were delivered to the school for those seniors who returned on Monday. Parents will be delivering the tumblers to seniors who are continuing with Distance Learning in the near future!
Join Us for Parent Book Group Oct. 7

The Parent Book Group is Oct. 7 at 6 pm. The Zoom Link for that evening is Book Group/Spence Zoom Room. All are welcome to attend. Our first book of the year is the 2016 National Book Award winner, “Stamped from the beginning: the definitive History of racist ideas in America,” by Ibram X. Kendi. We believe that by examining our history and ourselves, we are modeling how to be reflective thinkers for our children.

Counseling Speaker Series

Every year, we offer speakers who address parenting & family interests. Guest appearances will be presented virtually and open to all interested parents. 

Oct 28 at noon: Georgetown Child & Family Therapist Megan Ibanez will present “Family Support: How to give grace and space to each other during times of stress”  

Dec. 2: Brad Mason will present "Self Esteem, Self Talk, and Self Control.

Feb 24: Megan Ibanez will return with “Understanding Childhood Grief.”
Extracurriculars Update

All Clubs will meet virtually through the Fall Semester. Find the list of 2020-2021 Clubs here.

Model United Nations - 2020-21 MUN Registration for all new and returning members. Now open! Ends at 10 pm on 9/30. (No late registration.)


Volleyball - For 7th-12th grade girls and 8th-12th grade boys. Registration is now open! Ends at 10 pm on Sept. 30. (No late registration.)
Meridian Debate: Looking for Judges

Meridian Debate will field six teams at the virtual McNeil Round Up tournament Friday afternoon, November 6 and Saturday, November 7. We are looking for 3 individuals with debate experience who would be willing to judge on those days. Please contact Debate club sponsor Dr. Whitney Blankenship.
Upcoming Events and Useful Links
Upcoming Holidays, Holy Days and Observances
Yom Kippur

As noted before in the Lions Share, the highest holy days in the Jewish faith are Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.  Yom Kippur occurs on the 10th day in the month of Tishrei of the ancient Hebrew calendar, which this year begins sundown on Sunday, September 27, and continues until sundown Monday, September 28 (2020). Read more.
Events At-a-Glance
Questions or Concerns? We're here to support you.

Middle School Counseling: Nicole “Coco” Cole
High School Counseling: Carrie Proctor
College Counseling: Kathy Gregg

Student or Curricular Concerns

Assistant Principal for grades 6-7: Matthew Castaneda
Assistant Principal for grades 8-10: Crystal Lane
MYP Coordinator for grades 6-10: Kristen Machczynski
Assistant Principal for grades 11-12: Stela Holcombe
IB Diploma Program Coordinator: Stela Holcombe
Secondary Special Education Coordinator: Haley Weisbrod
Secondary Librarian: Tina Van Winkle

Additional Contacts

Middle School Attendance: Olga Alexander
High School Attendance: Shawn Seaman
Cafe: Chef Leslie Sterzinger


Middle School Principal: Melina Berduo
High School Principal: Charles Ryder