June 2020
A sky full of blue and an earth spread with green,
With fleecy white clouds softly floating between,
With trees full of leaves and of songsters in tune,
Oh! What can this be but our beautiful June?
She throws out her signal o'er garden and wall,
She tosses her banner of roses to all;
No matter what scenes or how sweetly attune,
​A month without roses could never be June.
—Sarah E. Howard, 1888
Suffrage in Rhode Island:
A Lippitt Family Perspective
Preserve RI's Lippitt House Museum and Brown University’s John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities and Cultural Heritage are partners on a project that examines suffrage expansion in Rhode Island and connections to the Lippitt family.

Travel an interactive timeline developed by students featuring key events in both Rhode Island and United States suffrage history. Explore original memes, cleverly captioned photos, that discuss both historical and contemporary voting equity issues by visiting Lippitt House Museum's 19th Amendment Commemoration website .
Mary Lippitt Steedman
A Step Towards Reopening
Volunteer docent
Lippitt House staff are already planning how the museum can open for limited tours later this summer. To keep both staff and visitors safe, private tours will be offered for small groups with advance registration and will follow all recommended social distancing guidelines. Please follow us on social media for more updates and check the Museum's Visit page as re-opening details are released.
The Lippitt Fountain Wakes for the Season
One of our favorite times of the year at Lippitt House is spring. The fountain emerges from its cocoon-like winter wrapping to elegantly flow forth in the garden – it looks and sounds magical! It's a wonderful backdrop to the bustling city sounds of Providence's East Side.
Opening the fountain and is a multiday process. First, Preserve RI's Program and Property Manager, Paul Trudeau, unwraps and cleans the fountain. Then he works on the pump system to return the fountain to its streaming beauty.
Even while the Museum is closed, it is possible to catch a glimpse of the fountain and the garden from Hope Street as you stroll through College Hill. We look forward to a time when the fountain is once again the garden's star attraction at programs and events!
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