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The Weekly Peek: December 6, 2011

Issue 25 - Happy Holidays
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Holiday Fish Dish
Watch below for a quick, delicious fish recipe.  
sea bass recipe

Main Ingredients:

Sea bass, crushed tomatoes with herbs, fresh baby spinach 


Walnut-pepper topper   


This topping is great on roasted fish or veggies. You can add more or less heat depending on your taste. To make it a cream sauce add Greek yogurt or sour cream.  


1/2 c walnuts

pinch cayenne pepper 

1 t honey

2 T olive oil (plus 1 t walnut oil if you have it on hand)

chopped fresh herbs (e.g. cilantro, chives or basil)

3 T roasted red pepper, diced

salt and pepper


Mix ingredients, spoon over dish or reserve in refrigerator for up to 24 hours. 



Shopping Bag

Get rid of the gray 

Roots Touch-up by Clairol Nice 'n Easy has saved me so much time and $$$.  It's literally about ten minutes and can stretch a single process hair color at the salon from four weeks to eight or ten... definitely worth a try in my book.  



Food for the brain 

Check out this site to learn about how healthy the food your kids eat is and how it supports their brain development.  




End of play-date melt-down.  My four year old had a wonderful play date. I came a little early for pick-up and the Mom hosting the play-date said, "No problem, come back in a half hour after lunch."  That was great - gave me a bit of extra time and I thought would make my daughter so happy. Not exactly, when I did come back she threw herself on the floor in protest kicking and crying saying, "I don't want to leave!"  Oh, man... nothing I could say would snap her out of it, so I basically had to carry her out to the car.  At least it proves that she likes this friend and play-dates at her house.  



Ballet recitals. I was so proud of the girls and so happy that they were beaming on stage in their leotards and fancy skirts. They were so precious and really loved every minute of it. And then to top it off, my husband brought them each a bouquet of flowers. I could tell they felt like they were real ballerinas.   


What would you attempt...  


...if you knew you couldn't fail? 
(A good question to ponder as 2012 looms on the horizon. FYI, this will be the last issue of 2011 - a big thanks to everyone who reads the Weekly Peek, passes it along and has been so supportive of this venture! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!)