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The Sneak Peek: January 17, 2012

Issue 26 - Happy New Year
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Tea Review
Love tea, or been meaning to try it?  Watch below for some teatime tips.
tea review video

Main Ingredients:

Teas, agave nectar, almond milk




Raw purple cabbage packs a great crunch!  A friend who is into the Paleo diet turned me on to it, and it's awesome.  Great in a green salad, with tuna or humus.  It's rich color also means it's full of great antioxidants.   


Shopping Bag


This little reading light is amazing. I bought it for my kids but use it myself. It's so light weight and flexible. It bends in whatever direction you need and can clip onto your lapel or a book jacket. It even comes with 3 replacement batteries included.  A must have for sure.  



Cycle for Survival 

A friend of mine who battled cancer for seven years, started the foundation Cycle for Survival.  She inspired people to be fearless in every situation and she was a living role model.  She inspired me personally to take fear out of the equation in my life - to be a better mom, to not set limits and to bring Cycle for Survival to Charlotte! To donate, click here.




Last weekend we biked over to the track to play. My husband on his bike, my four year old on hers, our six year old neighbor and me with the baby in seat behind mine and my two year old in the carriage with her tricycle. All was fine on the ride there but after a few minutes on the track it started to rain.  


My two year old was crazy mad on the ride home because her bike was getting her wet.  It was awful. She was screaming the entire time - kicking the trike trying to get it out of her lap and almost pushing the tricycle out of the bike carrier all together (add to the mahem that it was past dinner time and bordering on bedtime).  It was a short but rough ride home. Thankfully she went straight to bed and woke up happy the next morning with no recollection of the ordeal.  



I am learning so much from my kids.  My four year old is such a princess. She only wears pink, constantly wants to paint her toenails, and wears her tiara like it's an appendage.  She has taught me to have fun dressing up and to get in touch with my inner princess. My two year old is just so sweet. She reminds me to be gentle by her actions. For example, she will come sit in my lap, close her eyes, and nod her head up and down rubbing mine cheek to cheek.  My son is a laughing bundle of energy.  He is like a freight train of affection and bowls me over with his running hugs.  These "little moments" are what make staying home worth it.   


Teach your children well...   
...and feed them on your dreams. - Graham Nash 
Please note - The Weekly Peek has gone monthly in the new year and is now The Sneak Peek.