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The Weekly Peek: October 25, 2011

Issue 23
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Homemade Applesauce
A fun healthy way to use up a bag of apples.  
applesauce video

Main Ingredients:

Apples, maple syrup.


Apple Stacks  


2 apples, sliced

peanut butter

1 slice, monterey jack (or other sharp cheese)

a few arugula leaves


Layer an apple slice, spread the peanut butter, 1/4 cheese slice, some leaves and top with another apple slice.   Try different fillers - let me know any you really like ;-) 


Focus Food: Apples

It's that time of year. Apples are such a healthy food. The old adage "An apple a day, keeps the doctor away," has some merit.  Apples can keep your cholesterol down, they can fill you up so you're not snacking, and the peel provides fiber.      


Shopping Bag


This wine bottle opener is so easy to use. Great for book club nights or dinner parties.  I also love the little tool that cuts the label off.   


Halloween success for kids under 5 
This time of year children's anxiety can peak with many just settling into a new classroom. Then, along comes Halloween with all of the ghosts and goblins (not to mention the candy). At this age, it is normal for children to not know real from fantasy.  Use affective reframing when your child encounters something scary or strange. Reassure your child by repeatedly stating "That is so silly", "How STRANGE is that?" "What a goofy costume." etc. The child will take your emotional cue and it will help him feel better.   -By Edi Nelson, pediatric OT, mother of two who currently lives in La Jolla, CA. 



A little humor 

From Ellen's Hidden Camera for your day...  




They say a middle child can have a mischievous personality... well across the past two weeks I've found mine sitting quietly on the couch with an open bottle of chewable vitamin C (how she even got the child proof top off, I have no idea, luckily there weren't many left) as well as in my bathroom with face cream all over her face, hair and my comforter.  I don't want to label her... but it's a good reminder to pay more attention! 



Fall outdoor activities are such a highlight -- apple picking, pumpkin patches, hay rides.  The kids love being outside whether it's watering our sprouting radish plants or swinging to "maximum height" on the swing set.  It's truly a breath of fresh air.  


We all have the ability... cultivate our own energy  and to choose how we spend it.