Hej radio vänner,

Som alltid udsender vi 2 gange för varje artist, så vi är säker på at den er modtaget. Giv mig endelig besked om jag har problem med några av våra länkar eller inte kan streame eller downloade musikken.

De bästa hilsner, Christina Pedersen, Morris Media Group.

Lisbon, A love affair.

Who do you think of if you were talking about Canadian artists? Chances are, you’d have the likes of Celine Dion, Bryan Adams or Leonard Cohen. More recently, the likes of Drake, Bieber and The Weekend have been flying the flag for Canada. (Thanks, Google!) But waiting in the wings is the beautiful pop sound of Peter Serrado. Whether Peter’s time in Portugal was the inspiration for the poignant “Lisbon” or not remains to be seen, but here is another great pop song telling the age-old tale of love lost. Once again, the emotion in the song is reflected perfectly in Peter’s voice, which bears more than a passing resemblance to Tom Odell.

Canadian singer Peter Serrado made it fresh out of the prestigious European Song Contest with his Debut album titled "Sunset & A City" which includes the singles Run, Sail On and the Smash Lisbon.

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