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Our Boutique is filling up with new arrivals in fall’s hottest shades and styles! Every season we offer versatile pieces that work year-round and can carry your wardrobe in between seasons or during our temperamental west coast weather.

Fall and winter travellers will appreciate our new selection of suitcase-friendly, wrinkle-proof tops, bottoms and dresses.

At right: Lisette L. Glen Floral pant 
Being an independently owned and operated Boutique has meant we can cater to specific shoppers that aren’t served well by other boutiques or box stores. For example, we have become the best location for petite clothing on Vancouver Island. We also use our power to support Canadian designers and clothing manufacturers. Canadian fashion is enjoying a resurgence and it is fantastic to be part of it. Thank you for shopping local!
Lisette L. is Canada’s latest internationally recognized and celebrated fashion house. Focused on pants that fit in unique prints and innovative fabrics, Lisette L. is worn by Oprah and many other celebrities. Our Trunk Show is the perfect time to discover this line. If you are already a fan, you won’t want to miss their rich and diverse styles for fall and winter.

At right: Lisette L. Pablo pant. Order this and many other options at the Trunk Show!
Lisette L. Trunk Show: August 15-18
Directly from Lisette L.'s head office in Montreal, we have size and style samples for you to try on. Find your size, choose your fabric, then place an order with us. Please visit or call us at 250-751-7799 if you have any questions.
Lisette L. is a made in Canada label that features fabulous prints, colours, and fabrics. This line also delivers the most comfortable fit available in a variety of inseams.
Lisette's collection is so vast, we could never carry every piece, but with this Trunk Show, you can shop everything!

New Arrivals: Marble UK
A new grouping has just arrived (Powder Blue & Grey). Shop now to avoid disappointment because Marble always sells out quickly!
Marble is designed in Scotland and made for REAL women. Each piece is designed to let your personality shine in classic, feminine styles with a contemporary twist. 

They are featuring 100% cotton and natural fibre blends in each new collection including this one. Marble chooses luxurious, soft and breathable fabrics for ultimate comfort and easy care. 

We love that their styles are timeless and ageless too. Mothers and daughters both wear Marble!
At KC’s, we specifically bring in Marble styles that fit regular and petite women and this label is one of our leading lines that resonates with so many of you. And you won't find Marble anywhere else in Nanaimo, so stop in and shop the latest arrivals!
The Yellow grouping is arriving at the end of August.
New Arrivals: FDJ
We have a fresh shipment of reversible jeans, skirts and lightweight denim jackets!

We are excited for the new FDJ Tweed Blazer which complements all denim washes and elevates your jeans instantly for a polished look.
FDJ’s Cranberry and Plum Jeans have been incredibly popular and we will not be able to re-order because even their head office is sold out of these colours! We still have Cranberry and Plum styles in petite sizes, but only Cranberry denim left in regular sizes. 
Mix and match sweaters, t-shirts and vests are available.

We love this Black duster-style vest to bring black jeans to another level.

Try FDJ’s versatile Cowl Neck Sweaters while you’re shopping.

Finally, do not miss out on this cute sweater - Pink has already sold out - Baby Blue is still available.
Made in Canada for Petites
Softworks and Lasania are two wonderful Canadian designers creating tops specifically for petite women. If you struggle with finding tops that fit your proportions, look no further than these two lines.
Now available: 
  • Softworks twin sets and tops in a variety of prints
  • Lasania Petites tops in prints and different sleeve lengths
  • Lasania Petites pull-on elastic-waist pants are available for ladies with fuller legs
  • Lasania Petites slim zip-front pants

Lasania pants are available in petite sizes 6-16 in Navy, Black and Grey.
New Arrivals: JAG Denim
JAG caters to women looking for comfort and casual style with their buttery soft and stretchy denim. New for fall, we have the Carter Girlfriend style in Doe Brown, which is a hard-to-come-by colour this year. Available in regular sizes.
In petites, we have cute jeggings in a chambray denim, plus a few other pull-on styles ready for you to try. Stop in and shop now!
Back in Stock: Renuar’s 27” Pants
A KC’s classic! Renuar’s 27” inseam pants work as a full pant for petite ladies and a fabulous ankle pants for non-petites. You have to try these flattering pull-on pants next time you are in! Available in Spruce Green (Teal), Burgundy, two shades of Grey, and classic Black. 
Always In Style: Joseph Ribkoff 
A flagship line at KC’s, we have the largest selection of Joseph Ribkoff on the Island and our prices are the same as online retailers. Don’t shop online when you can shop locally! 

Any piece that is in-stock at head office can be ordered and shipped to KC’s free of charge for you. Most items arrive in just a few days. 
Joseph Ribkoff is made in Canada and every piece is designed to last. Modern silhouettes, delicate details, deep hues, stunning dresses, and comfortable classics are available in their Fall Collection. Pieces in plaids, Soft Pink, Royal Blue, and Taupe are highlights of the season. 
Style Tip: Dressing Your Age
All too often, we hear women ask, “Am I too old to wear this?” The truth is more often than not, the answer is a resounding NO. There is no rule book or memo dictating what you can or cannot wear at your age. Once a upon a time, we heard that we had to cover our arms or abandon pencil skirts and opt for cashmere twin sets when we became grandmothers. This is absolutely not the case! Your style is in your DNA and it is your personal choice. When you feel good, you look good. So next time you find yourself asking, “Am I too old for this?” STOP and keep these tips in mind instead. 
  • Dress to be yourself. Do you love it? Does it make you feel good? Go for it!
  • Signature accessories are an easy way to make your look your own. We see many women with fabulous eyewear or fun shoes that make a statement and define their look. 
  • Printed pants are great for all ages and very stylish this year. Every woman can pull off a unique printed pant for ageless appeal. The key is finding your ideal fit and balancing your look with a neutral top and the right accessories.
  • Shop at age appropriate stores so you can ensure the cuts and fabrics are going to work for your body. You can’t expect to shop at a teen store and look your best. Boutiques and stores that cater to women carry silhouettes, fabrics, cuts, and styles that will flatter. 
  • What’s your lifestyle? Dress for your lifestyle and don’t force yourself into trends or styles that don’t match your body shape. Dress to feel comfortable and wear practical pieces that make sense for your day-to-day.
  • Know your body shape and dress accordingly!
  • Know your audience. What do you want to project with your clothing? Your outfits can change with your audience. Wearing a fitted suit with killer shoes projects a powerful, pulled-together vibe, but you may want to go with a novelty t-shirt around the grandkids. Wearing quirky and colourful jewellery is another way to showcase your personality. 
  • Showing skin doesn’t have to mean showing your belly button. Cold shoulder tops, sheer sleeves, low cut or cut out panel dresses and tops are sexy and elegant at any age. Highlight your best features with cuts and colours that suit your shape. 
  • When in doubt, go for clothing that makes you feel confident and that is comfortable. Life is too short to be stuck in tight, stuffy and uncomfortable clothes. It is possible to find clothes that feel as good as they look!

Finally, remember that looking modern is more important than looking trendy, so be sure to balance your look with old and new styles. Also, review your closet regularly and clear out old, outdated and worn-out clothes so you don’t get stuck in a style rut.

No matter how old you are, you want to look like yourself!
Don't Miss the Lisette L. Trunk Show
We look forward to seeing you this week and we know you'll love the fabulous fall fashions available now. Designers have really stepped it up this season!

Remember, we are open on Sundays and our Boutique is air-conditioned for comfortable shopping.

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