ALL defenses should be
LISTED and PRESERVED on the Denial
FORM 104 and the Termination FORM 106 !

The Listing and Preservation of the Insurer’s Defenses upon a Form 104 Denial or a Form 106 Termination is the first step in the litigation process. So list and preserve all appropriate defenses or they may not be raised at a subsequent DIA proceeding.

Recent decisions from the Reviewing Board and objections by employees’ counsel at DIA proceedings now require a heightened awareness to raise and protect all applicable defenses.
Sections 7(1) and 8(1) contain similar language stating: The notice shall specify the grounds and factual basis for the refusal to commence payment of said benefits and shall state that if no claim has yet been filed, benefits will not be secured for the alleged injury unless a claim is filed with the department and insurer within any time limits provided under this chapter. Any grounds and basis for noncompensability specified by the insurer shall, unless based upon newly discovered evidence, be the sole basis of the insurer's defense on the issue of compensability in any subsequent proceeding .”
What this means is that if a specific defense is not listed or retained upon a Form 104 or Form 106 then the insurer will not be able to raise or assert that defense at the Conference or Hearing. 
The Rules of the DIA describe the specificity and timing of defenses.
1.02 Factual Basis for an Insurer's Refusal to Pay Compensation as used in MGL c. 152, § 7 and MGL c. 152, § 8 , shall be a short and plain statement of the specific facts supporting the grounds for said refusal.
(For example, if you want to dispute liability because the injury was not reported as work related.)
1.04: Insurer's Notice of Refusal to Pay Compensation:  Subject to the provisions of  MGL c. 152, § 7(1)  and MGL c. 152, § 8(1) , as to newly discovered evidence, no grounds for refusal to pay compensation shall be allowed as a defense unless the insurer's notice of refusal contains a statement of the factual basis supporting such grounds. No ground or factual basis sought to be raised by an insurer on newly discovered evidence shall be allowed as a defense unless the insurer reports each such ground or factual basis to the injured employee and the Department not less than five working days before any conference or hearing, provided that if such evidence is not in fact discovered until a time within such five day period, a continuance may be granted at the judge's discretion if requested by the insurer at the conference or hearing. 

Additional defenses that may need to be added in certain circumstances are the heightened standard of causation contained in §1(7A), No Coverage, No Employee/Employer Relationship, §27- Willful Misconduct of the Employee, §27A False Representation of Physical Condition by an Employee and Denial of §28 Willful Misconduct of the Employer.
If you suspect any of these additional defenses may need to be raised, please review with a TKCK attorney.
You should review the FORM 110 to identify all the claims being asserted AND RESPOND IN KIND. Many claim Forms 110 are now listing Sections 7 & 8 in an effort to limit your defenses to the claim.
Again, if you’re not sure if an additional defense should be raised, consult with a TKCK attorney. 

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