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"Listen To Your Mother" isn't just good advice, it's also a national live-reading show taking place in 41 cities - including New Orleans!

Celebrate Mother's Day by listening to stories about the complexity, diversity and humor of motherhood from local storytellers on May 7 at 7:30 pm at Jesuit High School Theater.

LTYM New Orleans co-producer Lisha Fink was inspired to bring the show to the Crescent City after she participated in the show in Baton Rouge.  "Everyone is touched by motherhood, whether you're a mother or not, which is why this show has been such a huge success all over the country" said Fink.  "As writers and mothers this show brings together two of our passions.  We are thrilled to be bringing this special experience to New Orleans for the first time," said LTYM New Orleans co-producer Pepper Caruso.  

Listen To Your Mother has it's own YouTube channel where you can view past shows and a book where you can read a collection of personal stories from many bestselling and notable writers.  But the best way to experience Listen To Your Mother is in person!

Join nolaParents and others to hear local readers, writers, mothers and more tell their personal stories!  You won't want to miss this wonderful celebration of motherhood! 

For more information visit the local website

Listen To Your Mother

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