In Dr. King's iconic speech, The Other America, he said riots were, "the language of the unheard." He was speaking in reference to California's Watts riots in August 1965, and the race riots in Harlem the summer before. Systemic racism provided the gasoline and the match that ignited both uprisings by rendering people of color invisible, and unheard.

Today, youth of color (YOC) in Boston and beyond are experiencing the same trauma. Rather than city sweeping riots, we see the language of the unheard misinterpreted in YOC as misbehavior, rooted in anger and aggression. This is true in the classroom and the community. That is why Trinity Boston Connects' Youth Development and Leadership (YDL) programs (TEEP, Sole Train, and Trinity@McCormack) target the harm of systemic racism through social emotional learning within a healing community.

Our YDL healing approach ensures that youth are able to use their voices and see that it matters. They gain knowledge and language to describe what is going on inside and outside of themselves. Building a sense of agency and self-efficacy allows them to realize their potential for greatness, and to thrive as our next generation of leaders. But don't take our word for it: listen to Joaniris, a Trinity@McCormack alum (story linked above).

Because of your support, we can amplify voices like hers. With your continued partnership, we can ensure more youth across our city are heard, and seen.
We invite you to invest in racial healing with a tax-deductible donation to TBC before December 31st. Your gift will support our ongoing healing work with Boston’s youth of color and the adults who support them.