June 17th, What's on Your Mind?, at Coffee at The Point. Best quote: "the biggest piece of misinformation out there, is that mental illness doesn’t happen to happy people". #CheckonYourHappyFriends
Photo by Lindsey Earl

I n today’s world, we are always listening to something: our phones, computers, iPad or a myriad of other devices. We listen to Alexa and Siri in our homes, as well as our security systems, microwaves, entertainment centers and washing machines. Even our cars communicate with us verbally while we listen to people we’ve never met on social media. We are awash in technological interaction, but are we learning anything useful?
At the Table Colorado , is about listening AND learning. About communicating to create positive permanent change, in our neighborhoods, communities and state, through old fashioned, grassroots conversation. Where ALL voices are welcome, because ALL VOICES MATTER!!!
In 2018, 100% of ATTC survey participants, indicted they learned something new and useful for future conversations or action. While the most common reason for participating in Table , was a desire to form connections with other people or groups within the community.
Not sure how to get your conversation started? Check out the link below to the ATTC Toolkit , where you will find everything you need to Host your own Table conversation, including our conversation guides, training webinars and all the materials needed to ensure your Table event is successful.
Interested in additional follow-up ideas after your Table discussion? Check out the article below, Sparking Civic Engagement , by Jean Westrick, Director of Strategic Initiatives for The Chicago Community Trust.
Or perhaps you want to experience Table before making a commitment to Host your own event? Join us July 15th, for our What’s on Your Mind? series, on De-stigmatizing Conversations around Mental Health . Complete details below .
  So the question is:
are YOU listening AND learning?
At the Table Colorado
has everything needed to plan a successful community conversation, on the topic of your choice.

All of the materials shown in the photo are available for you to print, as needed, once you have registered your Table.

We are happy to assist you in planning your Table conversation;
email your questions or better still ideas and suggestions to:
Sparking Civic Engagement –
10 Ways to Help Residents Get Started
By Jean Westrick, Director of Strategic Initiatives for   The Chicago Community Trust
Reprinted with permission of the Chicago Community Trust.
The Chicago Community Trust designed  On the Table  in 2014 as a unique way to elevate civic conversation and encourage collaborative action among residents. Year after year, we’ve been inspired by the results – specifically, the willingness of participants to make a difference in their community.
In fact, research conducted over the first five years of  On the Table  in Chicago found participants are highly involved and engaged in their communities (79% are somewhat/very involved, with 33% very involved), with a significant majority (87%) indicating a belief that they can make their community a better place to live (47% believe they can have a “big” impact). 
Many community foundations and organizations seeking to plan and implement  On the Table  in their communities cite increasing civic engagement as a key motivator. But, while becoming more civically engaged sounds great, what does it mean for the individuals and organizations you engage through  On the Table  conversations? How can we leverage the momentum and motivation that  On the Table sparks to encourage participants to take action continue and increase their civic engagement? It could be as easy as sharing a few simple ideas!
The resources, opportunities, institutions are unique to your local context; consider this list of ideas as a starting point to creating your own list with specific examples from your community for your participants.
Our What’s on Your Mind? series continues with
Mental Health:
Activism and Advocacy
on Monday, July 15 th, details below. Please join us to draw back the curtain on this long hidden issue, because...
What’s on Your Mind?
Mental Health: Activism and Advocacy
710 E 26th Ave
Denver, CO 80205
July 15th
7:30-9:00 PM
A very special
Jon & Patty Layman
We're listening to YOU , because Your Voice Matters! Please let us know what you think. Email us at: ideas@atthetablecolorado.org

Patricia Carmody
Executive Director
At the Table Colorado