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Listening to the Animals at Leilani Farm Sanctuary


When people ask if Leilani Farm Sanctuary's animals communicate with us, I affirm that they certainly do, and that sometimes I even understand what the animals are saying!


From our animal friends' myriad meows, clucks, snorts, brays, barks, and other vocalizations, we hear their  inner voices speaking clearly to us across the species divide.




 And here's what they say...


 First of all, they're supremely happy, and gratefully relieved, to finally be around humans who love them. In the past, through their personal experiences, or the species' memory of their ancestors, they had come to fear humans.


 So one miracle of Leilani Farm Sanctuary, facilitated by you and our volunteers, is that the animals now recognize that some humans really do love and care for them.


 They give back love for the love we show them.




We hear and acknowledge each animal as an individual liberated from a harsh fate. Simply by being born as a donkey, pig, or some other non-human species, they or their parents, brothers, and sisters have been subjected to imprisonment, torture, drugging, separation from habitat and  young...and even slaughter.


 The delightful animal sounds here at the Sanctuary are songs of happiness, relief, and gratitude.  These are the  natural sounds of  loved animals free to roam, interact, and enjoy life without fear of exploitation or cruel demise. The Leiliani  experience harkens to a dream of innocence and harmony, where humans and other animals live together in an "Eden."




Is a broader reconciliation between humans and animals possible? From listening to the animals, and seeing the healing and joy in our human visitors and friends, we at Leilani Farm Sanctuary believe that it is.


 Which is why we ask for your help.


Because loving and rescuing these animals, and giving our devoted attention to them, means providing them  a safe place, food, and veterinary care, which costs money. Whenever you contribute funds, creativity, and love to Leilani Farm Sanctuary, that becomes your special way of bonding with Leilani's animal beings.  It's a  way that you can build a kinder, safer, more harmonious world.


 There are many ways you can help, and here are a few:


  • Post YouTube videos showing Leilani Farm Sanctuary and including our name in the title of the video.
  • Blog or tweet about us. Promote us on Facebook so that more and more people hear about our paradise for animals on the beautiful island of Maui.
  • Write comments about us on Huffington Post, Salon, Alternet and other news sites that have animal-related topics.
  • If you want a wonderful vacation, come visit our Sanctuary. Celebrities such as Woody Harrelson, Oprah, and Willie Nelson love living here, because Maui is a paradise. Experience this island paradise, and help the animals at the same time.
  • Tell your friends how our Sanctuary tours are among the most enjoyable and healing Hawaiian vacation activities they'll find.
  • Talk about us with vegans, vegetarians, animal-rights advocates, Buddhists...anyone dedicated to peaceful co-existence of Nature, animals, and humans.  
  • If you know moviemakers, authors, philanthropists and journalists who'd be interested in educating people about Leilani and the animal sanctuary movement, we'd love to talk to them.



The good news is that whenever you help Leilani Farm Sanctuary, you're making a positive difference in the animals' lives-and in yours and mine, too.



 Yours with gratitude,


 Laurelee Blanchard

 Founder and President, Leilani Farm Sanctuary


 Leilani Farm Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 charitable organization, so your donations are tax-deductible!




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