January 2017
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Listings are about to Spring Up

March 20th is the first day of spring!  Very soon, homes will be springing up all over Atlanta's real estate landscape.  

If you've been planning to sell, now is the time to get ready.  It can take up to two months to get a home "showing-ready."   

The chart below shows that March and April are good times to get your home on the market.  You'd face less competition from other sellers while sales and closings are typically on the rise.  
Is it Still a Seller's Market?
Yes and No.  Who has the upper hand in the real estate market currently depends on the listing price of a home.  Demand has slowed for homes priced at $750,000 or higher -- they're remaining on the market longer and are selling at a lower percentage of the list price than homes priced below that mark. 
Source: FMLS - Oct-Dec 2016 - Single Family Homes

The Art of Pricing Your Home
Selling a home can be an emotional time. Maybe you've raised a family there or made improvements to make it uniquely yours.  

However difficult the break may be, there is strong evidence that putting emotion aside when setting your listing price will expose your home to more buyers.  If you price your home at just 10% above what analysis of the market says it should be, only 30% of potential buyers will look at your home.  

Though rare, there are unique circumstances that would support listing above market price for a comparable home.  If in doubt about your final decision, take into account your personal circumstances:  Do you have a time deadline to meet?  Do you need money from the sale for immediate use? If so, listing at a competitive price is your best chance to get the most "eyes" on your home, and offers a better chance of selling in your desired time frame.  

Your Future Home -- A "Home of the Future?"

If ten years ago someone said that a pocket-size, battery-powered device would soon be your phone, TV, wallet, GPS and gaming station -- and essentially, your  life  --would you have believed them?

There couldn't possibly be a more dramatic advance in the way we live, right?  [read more
Mortgage Rate Update --  As expected, mortgage interest rates inched up slightly in December 2016 in response to signs of a strengthening U.S. economy.  

According to Bankrate.com's survey of the largest lenders in the second week in January, the benchmark 30-year fixed-rate mortgage is 4.2 percent. The benchmark 15-year fixed-rate mortgage is 3.4 percent.

I will be happy to put you in touch with Atlanta-based lenders who have worked extensively with Keller-Williams.  Finding out how much home you can afford is an important first step!
Featured City: Chamblee
Quiet Chamblee drew little attention within the Atlanta metro until about 10 years ago when more buyers and developers began investing in this historic area of DeKalb County.

Located next door to Dunwoody, Brookhaven and Doraville, and just 15 miles from  Downtown Atlanta,  Chamblee proudly hails the diversity of its residents.  An area of Buford Highway has been designated DeKalb's International Corridor, in large part due to the people of an estimated 30 different nationalities living nearby. 

Recent annexation has raised its population to nearly 30,000, becoming the county's third-largest city.  The 2016 median sales price for single family home were $322,000, while the median price of townhomes and condos were $188,700.   

One of Chamblee's most charming areas is its Antiques Row along New Peachtree Road -- 
originally home to the bustling downtown area
which built-up in the early 1900s around the area's railroad crossings.  Today, in addition to the new city hall building shown above, new multi-use developments are located nearby, just steps from the Chamblee MARTA station.  The city is also home to six parks, including the newly-reopened Rail Trail.

Photo credits:  John Phelan (Own work) 

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