The Liter Size is Perfect
for Refilling Your "Free" Travel Size

My clients love the 33.8 fl oz Liter size container for their favorite and fragranced Lotion, Gelee and Oil. The plastic bottle comes with a handy dispensing pump, perfect for use in your bathroom or shower area because of the non-breakable bottle. 

With your purchase of a 33.8 fl oz Liter in the Formula and Fragrance of your choice, for $89.50 each, you will receive as your gift, a 4.0 fl oz Travel Size in the matching Fragrance and Formula. The aluminum style container with dispensing pump is the perfect size to take along on your travels, and you can refill the Travel Size when needed from the Liter size. This is the perfect "Father's Day" gift for that special person. Gift value of $29.50.  

If you would like help with your
Fragrance and Formula selections,
please contact me.

Sincerely, Dolores
Your Favorite Lotion, Gelee & Oil
Body & Massage Lotion
This therapeutic and moisturizing lotion contains a high level of Vitamins E, D and A to help build the skin's natural defenses and promote a healthy glow. And, natural botanical extracts help clarify, heal and protect the skin. Created in the scent of your choice, it is excellent when used immediately following bathing or a shower to lock in moisture.  
Bath & Shower Gelee
This rich lathering scented gelee gently cleans and conditions the skin while replacing lost vitamins & minerals. Combining the healing properties of natural botanical extracts and minerals , it helps leave your skin soft and supple. In the bath, it will create a bubbling and relaxing experience, and in the shower, a refreshing, cleansing event will be enjoyed.  
Body & Massage Oil
This much loved unique water dispersible massage oil leaves your skin naturally conditioned, and satiny smooth. The finest quality natural oils have been blended together with Vitamin E, along with a coconut derived skin conditioner for soft-to-the-touch, scented skin. Client favorite for its gentle ease of application, spreadability and penetration.  
Vinci & Rakos
Parfum Sample Program
A great way to experience over 200 beautiful Vinci & Rakos Parfums. Each sample is a full-bodied Parfum with no added alcohol. $25.00 for seven (7) Parfums of your choice, packaged in a drawstring organza bag. The Parfums are presented on individual vial cards so you can record your comments and keep track of your personal preferences.

Purchase price $25.00

Original Price $45.00

Savings of $20.00 per set
Ordering the Special
You can place your order directly with me, I would love to help with your Fragrance and Formula choices, or order online: 

- --Cell Dolores:    760-898-9228 
---Office Dolores: 760-674-3060
---Fax Dolores:    760-674-3070
---Outside Calf:  800-545-4332 

Online: If you order online, your Free Gift of a Travel Size will be added to your order. No
Promotional Code is needed. Limit of two (2)
Liter Specials per formula.

Offer expires on Midnight, June 15, 2019 and is not valid with any other specials. Prices exclude shipping, handling or taxes. Substitutions might be necessary, if so, you will be notified beforehand.