Hi, Bobbi,

We have exciting news to share!

Literacy DuPage recently received an extraordinary gift of $10,000 from a tutor. The tutor wishes to remain anonymous and donated the money to introduce a program of curriculum materials for new tutors fresh out of training at Literacy DuPage. This initiative is launching as a pilot program this month with our two new training classes.

This is an expression from the donor/tutor, explaining the motivation behind this exceptional gift:


If you’re like me, the contents of your snail mail box these days consist primarily of requests for money. And most of these requests are for very worthy causes: food banks, schools for Native American children, environmental concerns, protecting our National Parks, prison ministries, local arts organizations. So, who gets my $50 check this week? And if I have a bit left over at the end of the month, a cause that really tugs at my heart gets $75. And in all cases I always wonder–do my checks really make a difference? And the sinking feeling I get in the pit of my stomach says “Probably not”. 

So, how do I sort all of this out, so my giving isn’t a knee-jerk reaction, or worse, out of a sense of guilt? What organizations are worthy of my hard-earned money? My conclusion is this: the best places to give my money are to the organizations where I also give my most valuable commodity–my time. These are the organizations that I know well; I know the leadership and the staff–yes, the “worker bees” that make an organization function effectively to achieve its stated mission.

I volunteer my time with Literacy DuPage because I believe in what it is doing to make a difference in our community and our world. I get to see the tangible results of the time and talent commitment by many dedicated volunteers and the staff who support them. Supporting Literacy DuPage financially makes good sense, so that my most valuable commodity–my time--is put to its best use.

Literacy DuPage greatly appreciates the thoughtfulness and generosity of this devoted volunteer, who is inspired to help new tutors get off on the right foot for a successful training experience, changing lives through literacy!

Bobbi Burgstone

Executive Director




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