Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly (LBFE) Newsletter
March 2018
Volunteers with Hearts of Gold
I reached out to star volunteer, Callie Ryan, to ask her a few questions about how she was able to raise the funds to make our upcoming St. Patrick's Day Social Gathering possible. Callie has been a dedicated volunteer with Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly (LBFE) since 2014 and has been matched with elder, John, through the Visiting Volunteer Program for over three years.

Callie stated, "W hat was especially clear at the St. Patrick's event last year, and other events I've been to with LBFE, is that the elders are incredible people who are deserving of incredible events. They're basically us, in the future."

Last year, Callie and her Old Navy colleagues received a grant from Gap Inc. to fund the St. Patrick's Day Social Gathering. When it came time to apply for the grant again this year there were none available, so they decided to raise the funds themselves! Callie created a campaign on crowd-funding website called "Gofundme" to keep track of her team's fundraising goal of $3,500. The website allowed anyone to donate online and spread the cause on social media. Callie also organized a guest bar tending event at local bar Soda Popinski's as well as a bake sale at her workplace. With all of these efforts combined, Callie and her team managed to surpass their goal with a grand total of $3,636 within just a month's time.

Callie reflected on the fundraising events:

"The whole team rallied tirelessly to bake for two nights and brought in some incredible goodies. We ended up with an abundance of baked goods, taking up almost three tables in the Old Navy cafe. In addition, a local bakery owner was generous enough to provide us with three huge trays of delicious treats (thank you, Hey Cookie)! The generosity was astounding. We even had a cart that we loaded up with baked goods to roam the halls of our six floors. Turns out, bringing treats directly to peoples' desks is really successful. The bar tending event was incredibly fun and wildly successful. As Cathy (LBFE's Executive Director) can attest, the bar was packed with an hour and I'd never seen it so busy that early."
When I asked Callie what she was looking forward to most at this year's St. Patrick's Day Social Gathering she couldn't help but reflect on the wonderful time she had last year. She noted that there were so many great connections and conversations that were made and that it was the first time her co-workers had attended an LBFE event. This time around, she hopes that those connections can continue to expand and that it will inspire Old Navy volunteers to consider volunteering on a regular basis. She is personally most excited for calling out the BINGO numbers again and her elder match, John, is looking forward to hearing the Irish singer again and having a St. Patrick's Day beer.

Through LBFE's Visiting Volunteer Program, Callie and John have developed an incredible, long-lasting friendship. I asked her to share a little about how she and John have got along together so well over the past years. LBFE encourages reciprocal relationships between volunteers and elders and Callie and John's friendship exemplifies this.

Callie stated, "I wanted to make sure that John was getting what he need out of the match, and I wasn't quite sure how to read him back then. I thought I had to fill every silence. But after a while, the normalcy of meetings lends itself to more meaningful conversations, and I learned what kinds of activities John was interested in." She lends her advice to newly matched volunteers by noting, "give it time." She has made many memories, laughed a lot, and faced challenging situations together with John, but reflects on how important shared experiences are and that you, "live and learn."

Thank you Callie, the Old Navy team, and all who donated to make our St. Patrick's Day Social Gathering possible. Your hard work, dedication, and kindness are truly appreciated and we are thrilled to provide a fabulous event for our elders.
St. Patrick's Day Social Gathering
When: Friday, March 16th from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Where: Calvary Presbyterian Church, Great Hall
2515 Fillmore Street, SF, CA 94115

Lunch will be provided, along with entertainment courtesy of Irish singer, Teagan Moore.

If you are interested in volunteering as a driver or escort, please sign up here .
R.I.D.E. Program
LBFE has a NEW program beginning this month! It's called R.I.D.E. -- a Reliable and Independent Destination Experience. R.I.D.E. allows elders to travel to places and events around the city that they may not have had access to before. Whether it be a fitness or community center, a library, the grocery store, or a doctor's appointment, we would like to get them there and back free of charge! The R.I.D.E. program is made possible by CSAA Insurance Group, a AAA Insurer.

For more information, please give our office a call at 415-771-7957.
Tech Allies
Since the start of the Tech Allies Program seven months ago, 50 elders have been enrolled and 33 have already been trained and connected to the internet.

A testimonial from Leia (left in photo):
"I lived in a box for so long and LBFE's Tech Allies Program came around and carved a door and windows to a new world so I could reach out to people on forums, blogs, and websites."

Leia completed the Tech Allies 8-week training with her volunteer trainer, John (right in photo), and has created her own blog called "Milkbean Chronicles" reflecting on her experience. Check it out here!

If you are interested in being part of this life-changing experience, we will be looking for more volunteers to be matched in the months of April and on. Sign up here .
Muttville Cuddle Club
LBFE is excited to announce that we will be visiting Muttville Senior Dog Rescue every first Friday of every month.

If you are interested in volunteering as a driver for any upcoming Cuddle Club, please email Debbie at

Save the Date
Thursday, June 21st, 2018
Annual Fundraising Cocktail Party
Sir Francis Drake Hotel, in the historical Starlight Room
6:00 - 9:00 PM

Tickets go on sale Friday, March 16th. More information to come.

Interested in sponsorships? Email Cathy at
In Memoriam of Our Elders
Melinda H. (11/23/1942 - 2/2017)

Shelley B. (10/25/1918 - 6/2017)

Catheryn "Kaye" G. (9/2/1944 - 8/2017)

Elizabeth W. (2/11/1937 - 8/2017)

Angela R. (10/31/1924 - 9/2017)

Sybilla M. (1/31/1916 - 10/2017)

Ray O. (7/4/1933 - 12/2017)

Jouida G. (10/20/1925 - 12/2017)

David A. (4/6/1933 - 12/2017)

Arthur Y. (3/17/1926 - 1/2018)

Charles T. (9/23/1927 - 1/2018)

William "Bill" L. (3/15/1928 - 2/2018)

Hilario A.
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