Each traveler is responsible for their own airfare to Grand Cayman. American and Jet Blue airlines go to Grand Cayman.

In addition we have reserved Cayman Airways flights from Grand Cayman round trip Little Cayman so you don't have to worry about booking Cayman Air Flights. (Cost $210.00).

Many of us are flying to Grand Cayman on Friday, November 11, staying overnight, and taking an early flight on Saturday to Little Cayman.

If you are arriving on Saturday, you must be in Grand Cayman no later that 1130 AM in order to connect with Little Cayman flight.

If you would like join us, please let us know when you book so we can put you on an early Cayman flight. Early flights are assigned based on first-come, first-served AND flight times.

Cayman Air inter-island flights will be assigned based on arrival/departure time

It is imperative that you send us your flight times immediately.