Little Known Recycling and Donation Facts

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Last week on June 5th, we celebrated World Environment Day. Organizers Northwest is committed to being environmentally conscious when we work with our clients as they declutter and organize. Our organizers are trained in the art of knowing what to donate, recycle and reuse!

In celebration of World Environment Day, here are some little known recycling facts:
  • Goodwill recycles items that can't be sold. That means that you can send them your broken electronics and ripped clothing, and they will recycle them for you. Never throw these items away. 
  • You can compost many paper products, like used paper towels. Just not those you've used with chemical cleaning products. For a full list of household items that can be put in the compost bin, check out
  • While yogurt, salsa and other similarly shaped containers can go into recycling, their lids should not. This is because the machine that sorts your recycling can't differentiate between lids and paper, and the lids are often incorrectly sorted into the paper, diminishing recyclers' ability to sell it.
  • Most police stations in the US accept expired or unused drugs. This is a much more environmentally sound way of disposing of them. Check your local police station for locations and instructions.
  • What you choose NOT to recycle is just as important as what you do. When you add things to your recycling bin that shouldn't be there, it contaminates everything else. Becoming knowledgeable about what you can and can't recycle is a huge service that you can perform for the planet. Check out your local recycling company to get a full list of what they accept. 
  • Our website has a fantastic list of donation and recycling resources here in Portland. If you have any questions about what to do with an item, give us a call! We will provide answers to your questions at no cost to you. 

Happy Organizing!


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