*Hero Training—Spring Event, Friday, March 22 nd 5:30-7:00 pm
(Dinner is optional at 5:30pm and event begins at 6:00pm)
*Mobile Hearing Screening— Tuesday, March 26 th
*Classroom Group Pictures— Wednesday & Thursday, March 27 th & 28 th    
*Spring Break— Monday, April 1 st- Friday, April 5 th
*Good Friday— Friday, April 19 th No school
*Teacher Appreciation Week —April 29 th - May 3 rd  
Little Pebbles from Stepping Stones
from Stepping Stones Preschool
MARCH 2019
Friday, March 1 st, PRE-K CHILDREN ONLY
     We looked! Then we saw him step in on the mat! We looked! And we saw him! The Cat in the Hat!” It is rumored that the Cat in the Hat will be running around on this special day reserved for our Pre-K children. Children will be headed to the Worship Center where they will participate in activities related to Dr. Seuss books. We are asking for parent volunteers for this day as well. If you are interested, please contact your child’s teacher. 
Reverend Adrian Taylor, Springhill Baptist Church
Tuesday, March 5 th  9:30am
     Adrian Taylor is not only a pastor, but one of our favorite parents as well . During our chapel character talks, he will be sharing with the children the importance of being truthful. Truthfulness is our character trait of the month. Our Bible verse is from Ephesians 4:25, which simply states, “Speak the truth.” We are delighted Rev. Taylor has agreed to share this important lesson with our children.

     Telling the truth may not be easy all the time, but as followers of Jesus we know that being truthful is the better option. Another great reason for telling the truth is because when we lie people can’t trust us anymore. Oftentimes, when we tell a lie we end up having to tell another lie to cover for that lie; and before you know it, things get out of control quickly. It’s always a good idea to have an occasional refresher on the rules and consequences in your family. What happens if someone lies? Discuss the consequences (including natural consequences such as lost trust) and steps that will be taken if this were to happen. Telling the truth isn’t always fun in the moment, but God knows what’s best for us when he commands us to tell the truth.      
Wednesday & Thursday, March 6 th & 7 th
    Calling all Superhero Parents! In recognition of having the BEST parents worldwide, we are setting aside these two days to thank you. We could hardly have this much fun without parents who are involved in their children’s education. Thank you for everything from special snacks to assisting in the classrooms. In conjunction with our theme, “Find the Hero in YOU,” we are providing a grab and go surprise in each classroom. We hope to have the opportunity to thank each of you personally. Kapow!
Employment Opportunity: We are currently accepting applications for Trinity's 6 week summer camp staff positions: Summer Time Fun & CrossTrainers. If you are interested and would like more information please contact  Virginia Lewis

Summer Time Fun:  Children, age 1 (and walking) by April 1, 2019, through incoming 2nd graders, are invited to join a fun-filled morning of activities, crafts, music, movement, and free play related to special Bible themes. For more information, visit the bulletin board outside room 108 or contact Virginia Lewis directly (416.3014).  Registration opens on March 11th.
Monday, March 11 th 10:30 am     
     We are happy to welcome back to our school Sunrise Wildlife Rehabilitation, a volunteer organization that focuses on the rescue and rehabilitation of injured, orphaned, or displace native wildlife. SWR see their primary goal as returning wildlife to the original habitat whenever possible. They operate under permits issued by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. We are looking forward to learning about and seeing various owls, a possum, and whatever critters they currently have rescued. If your child does not attend school on this day, feel free to join us on the North Oaks playground, (big playground) for some interesting information about nocturnal wildlife of North Florida.
Sertoma Speech and Hearing Foundation of Florida, Inc.
Tuesday, March 26 th  9:30am
     The Mobile Hearing Clinic is a vehicle completely outfitted with soundproofing, air conditioning, and a screening and evaluation lab. The Mobile Hearing Clinic travels throughout the state of Florida to hold screenings at schools and other locations. We are excited to be able to offer our parents this valuable service free of charge for our students. In the United States alone, an estimated 28 million people have some form of hearing impairment, which can significantly impact speech/language development and education at an early age. The school will only screen those children who have returned a permission slip to do so. If your child does not attend on a Tuesday you are still welcome to participate, just bring your child in between 9:30-10:00 am on March 26 th .
Friday, March 22 nd 5:30-7:00 pm (No school on this day)
      Hello from Superhero Headquarters, where we are calling all children to test their skills of balance, agility, speed, strength, and endurance to see if they qualify to become a SUPERHERO! We have planned a very fun evening to celebrate another great Stepping Stones year and hope you can join us. Dinner this evening is PRE-ORDERED (by March 19th) and provided by Zaxby’s or bring your own picnic. Lawn chairs and blankets are recommended. We will eat at 5:30pm and then begin our age appropriate superhero training from 6:00-7:00 pm. Say you’ll come! We look forward to “finding the hero in YOU!” More information on this event to come!  KABAM! POW! ZONK!
Wednesday & Thursday, March 27 th & March 28 th
     How would you like a memorable group photo of your child’s entire class? We thought so! On Wednesday and Thursday, Califf Photography will be visiting Stepping Stones for just that purpose. These photos are prepaid, and money will be collected on picture day. Say cheese!
    This section of our newsletter is for friendly reminders and miscellaneous school information.

*If you are called to pick up a sick child from school, please make arrangements to be here within a 30-minute time frame.

*Please return or replace underwear borrowed from the school when your child has had an accident.

*Due to new Department of Children and Family regulations we are required to call each parent when your child is absent from school. PLEASE NOTIFY THE SCHOOL OR YOUR CHILD’S TEACHER IF YOUR CHILD IS ABSENT FROM SCHOOL.

    It’s a new season! Parents don’t forget to send a change of clothes appropriate for the warmer months. Please give these to your teacher in a sealed and labeled plastic bag as soon as possible. Although sandals are cute and cool this season, they are not ideal for running and climbing on the playground. We recommend tennis shoes for safety and maximum exercise.

    Spring is in the air! Hours of fun have been planned for our Afternoon Enrichment kids as we explore the wonderful world of Dr. Seuss and spring, as well as fun activities associated with St. Patrick’s Day. Somewhere over the rainbow…you’ll find lots of leprechauns in Afternoon Enrichment!
Save the Date: June 3-7, 2019 9am-12pm – Vacation Bible School’s To Mars and Beyond! We will encounter the limitless power and love of God!
VBS is for children going into Kindergarten through 6th grade. Registration begins April 8th. Is your child younger than PreK? Volunteer and your child can participate! Volunteers and their children can register today! 
Send your “Lucky Charms” to our next Parent's Night Out on Friday, March 15th, from 5:30-8:30!     Our "themed" Parent's Night Out will be a fabulous night of dinner and St. Patty’s activities for all ages, 12 months and walking through 5th grade! $10 per child, cost includes activities. Pizza dinner is available for $4 each, or you may bring your own dinner. For questions contact  Virginia Lewis . Please  register and pay online by Wednesday, March 13th . 
    We thank you so much for thinking of us.
*To all the wonderful parents who helped with our Valentine parties! Sweet!!!!!!!!
*Ben Haines—We’re “gaga” over Gaga ball. Yeah!
*Preschool Team—Wowser! A special hug to the 2 year old parents!
*Alex & Roxanne Berrios—Dynamite Dino snacks! Yum.
*Amanda Lutz & Laura Macgregor—Fun themed snacks! Loved it!
*Brian & Diane Harris (and Rendy)—The children enjoyed the centers you created and the “real live patient.” Thank you!
*Shelby Stokes—Now we know what nurses do! We hope to see you when we get sick!
*Briton Dumas—Best chocolate chip banana bread EVER! Please come and bake for us again. Delicious!
*Everett Porter—We learned some amazing things about caring for horses and your visual aids were engaging! Awesome!
*Diego Ibanez—The in’s and out’s of owning an established restaurant. Make us a reservation, please! Wow!
*Laura Cabrera—It’s always nice to know a lawyer—especially a NICE one! Thanks for sharing!