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Little Scholars Testimonials
Hear what Cary Wyatt has to say about Little Scholars. 

Parent Testimonial - Cary W
Parent Testimonial
Cary Wyatt

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Little Scholars Blog
10 Steps to Ease the Stress of Homework
AGH, homework!  Here are some tips for inspiring quality homework time.  Read it on Stephanie's blog.
Little Scholars at the JCC!
Check us out this fall at the Weinstein JCC!
Mermaid Gals & Pirate Pals, Alphabet Art, Under the Sea, WeinsteinJCC classes.
App of the Month
Time Management Apps

Teach your children early how to manage their time with a time management app. Time Management apps can help children stay up to date with their workflow.  Good time management skills keep children from procrastinating and feeling rushed.  The MyHomework app (pictured right) is separated into three categories: Calendar, Homework, and Classes. Content can be synced from a desktop computer to a mobile device.
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Meet Our Teacher of the Month
Michele Lord
For me, teaching is about helping students engage and find connections to their work. It is a truly gratifying experience to watch a student take pride and build confidence in not just finding the answers, but in developing a love for the process. Teaching provides me the opportunity to participate in that process, and in turn keep going on my own journey as a lifelong learner.

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