SF's new green film festival, Livable Planet, has stories about our oceans, rivers and the polar ice caps.

PLUS join us at 530p today for a live Q&A with the filmmakers of BAATO.
While a Chinese businessman wants to take control of the interoceanic route in Nicaragua, actor and teacher Yemn creates a play with the local kids to reflect on their history, their identity and the country‘s future.
In this program we meet not only penguins, but the folks who live and work under and above the arctic and antarctic environments. You'll discover the stories behind the 47 different words for snow in Inuk culture while also taking the plunge with scuba divers in Antarctica as they come face to face with sea spiders.
In France, behind the cliff of Etretat, Christophe, who is visually impaired, fishes crabs and lobsters by hand, in an almost lunar space, where no one ventures. At his side, we experience what Christophe feels, starting with the beauty of this landscape.
Will humans exhaust the inexhaustible sockeye salmon?

With: Stolen Fish
In the smallest country of mainland Africa, The Gambia, fish is now being powdered up by Chinese corporations and exported to Europe and China to feed animals in industrial farming.
In a series of lyrical portraits, The Long Coast illuminates the stories of Maine's seafolk, those whose lives and livelihoods are inextricably connected to the ocean.
Conner Rhoads and his family have made a living off of the sea for over 40 years but with the collapse of the kelp forest in California, their living and way of life may never be the same again.
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