Live ADHD Free Newsletter: November 2017
Hi, friends. It's the holiday season, which means time with family and friends. But let's not pretend like the holidays aren't stressful. It can be even more so for the ADHD Innovator Brain. So, we've got some tips on how to handle the holidays as well as content on workplace dysfunction. There's still time to register for our Highly Effective Webinar on Nov. 30. Hope your holidays include less stress and more joy.

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ADHD Holiday Survival Guide
The next 30+ days are going to be busy. Stress and anxiety are a given. Read our tips to keep sane and enjoy the season more.
ADHD Money Worries
The ADHD brain poses difficulties in managing your finances properly. Learn more about how to get money smart.
Untreated ADHD in the Workplace
Untreated ADHD can be a factor in dealing with dysfunctional employees. Turn under performers to over performers.
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ADHD Coaching for Students

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Highly Effective Workplace Webinar
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