Retern to Tern!
FREE Live Contra Dance July 17th
with Bob Isaacs & Contra Rebels
At long last . . .
Swingin’ Tern is thrilled to welcome dancers back to:
Live Contra Dancing at Swingin’ Tern

Saturday, July 17th 7:30pm -- 10:30pm
[Beginners’ Workshop & Check-In at 7pm]
Bob Isaacs & Contra Rebels
This is a FREE Dance [donations are appreciated]
14 Hanover Road, East Hanover, NJ

We are so excited to see your smiling faces as we come back home to the Swingin’ Tern. All of us will tend to feel like newcomers after such a long hiatus. Individual comfort levels will vary. Along with your enthusiasm and dance shoes, please bring a measure of kindness and understanding as we return to dancing mode, each at our own pace. If you aren't ready to return yet, we will welcome you back to dancing whenever you do feel ready.
Proof of Vaccination Required
Covid Protocol
Proof of Covid Vaccination will be required—remember to bring your vaccine card to show at the ticket desk. You will be turned away if you do not have a Covid Vaccination card that indicates you have been fully vaccinated for more than two weeks.
We will be maintaining a roster of dancers that have been vaccinated if you wish to be included on the list. This will speed admission at future dances. We will be asking for email addresses should there be a need to contact you about an issue at the dance.
Please arrive early. We ask for your patience at check-in. This is new for everyone involved.
Face masks are optional but will be available at the ticket desk.
New window fans have been purchased to promote cross-ventilation.
We will have some individually wrapped snacks for the break. You are welcome to bring your own snacks--if you plan to share, please make sure they are individually wrapped.
Please bring your own water bottle [which can be refilled at the kitchen sink]. We will not be providing a punch bowl.
Help us plan for our first dance back by replying Going or Interested on our Facebook Event Announcement.
Bob Isaacs
Tern Bob Isaacs short
We are thrilled to have Bob Isaacs help us celebrate our return to dancing. Bob is known for his clear, concise calling. He is a prolific contra choreographer -- his creative dances are called throughout the country. Bob is well aware that we will all be a little rusty [both physically and mentally] after our long hiatus. Dances will likely be a little shorter as he gauges the crowd.
Bob Isaacs calling at Swingin' Tern
Contra Rebels
Tern Contra Rebels Strings on Wings
The Contra Rebels are fronted by the twin fiddles of musical and personal partners Todd Clewell and Barb Schmid, joined by the rhythm guitar of Henry Koretzky. The Contra Rebels have played for dances as far afield as Tennessee, Georgia, Oregon, and Washington State. Their driving tunes will pull us onto the dance floor as we realize how much we have missed contra dancing the past year.
Contra Rebels in concert
Let us know if you are coming:
Please let us know if you’ll be coming on July 17th by replying Going on our Facebook event announcement. That will assist in our preparations. If you're on the fence, click Interested to stay in the loop. You can also help us out by clicking on the Invite button on the Facebook announcement and inviting friends you think would be interested in dancing again.
You can also help us spread the word that we're back by clicking Share at the very top of this page to send via email or any social media platform.
Good Things to Know
Contra dancing is aerobic. Wear comfortable, cool clothing. To protect our wooden floor, please bring non-marking, non-street shoes to change into.  
Volunteers are what makes our dance run. Click the volunteer email link below to help out and get free admission to a future regular dance.
If you need to arrange a train station pickup from NYC, call 201-679-8810 or click on the email link below.
Make a gift to Tern by sponsoring a dance which is a great way to celebrate your special occasion. Click the Sponsor email link below.
Hungry before or after the dance? There are two dozen restaurants within two miles, some within walking distance. Click the restaurant links below.