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Self Monitored Blood Pressure Program/Policy
Wellness at Boys and Girls Home of NC 
Beet you at the airport!
Upcoming Opportunities 
A Birthday Wish to....

Live It NC Strategy 2.4 
Self Monitored Blood Pressure
5 simple steps to control BP
We have a great program and resources provided to us by the Com munity and Clinical Connections for Prevention and Health Branch  to help clinics, physicians, worksites, and faith communities to be adopt practices a nd policies to encouraging people to Check Change Control their blood pressure.  Take a look and always know you can reach out to us to partner with you in the implementation of Self Monitored Blood Pressure Program and Policies in your communities. 
For more info and partnership to implement c ontact:  or   


Beet you at the Airport!

I was lucky enough to spend summers in Ontario, Canada for most of my childhood, with my beloved Grandma Edna.  Grandma was a master of canning, preserving, and pickling everything that grew in her garden plot outside of town.  She would send me home every August with assorted jams, jellies, and other treats tucked safely into my luggage for the flight home.  Until the arrival when everyone's luggage came down the chute covered in bright purple stains and stinking of vinegar.  Then MY bag came down, and was the obvious culprit!  A jar (or two) of pickled beets had broken, and leaked everywhere.  
I didn't understand why my father grabbed me and walked away, without claiming my bag.  (We went back much later to fetch it, once the angry mob had dispersed.) Grandma thought it was hilarious, but never packed beets in my luggage again.  Nonetheless, the beets were delicious!  
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Yours in Health,
Elisabeth Baynard  
State of Home Presentation
photo credit- Boys and Girls Home of NC
WorkWell NC Turnkey Programs
In the spring of this year the Boys and Girls Home of NC completed the
CDC Worksite Health ScoreCard. Results showed they could improve on  
comprehensive health promotion and environmental supports in the nutrition  arena. Therefore, at the  September State of the Homes staff meeting at the Boys and Girls Home of NC focused on Wellness and served as the kickoff event for a nutrition challenge for its employees called  Smart Fuel   Check out    

If you are interested in partnering with our project in this area for year three, which begins October 2016 please contact:  Travis Greer Worksite-Faith Coordinator 910-842-7315, or

Webinars, Conferences, Calls and More OH MY!
Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program

Webinar: Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program Overview
The CMS Innovation Center held a  Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program  webinar on August 9 2016  
Faithful Families
In case you missed it!

Region 8 Faithful Families  Conference Call on   August 22nd 3-4pm
Next Regional Call will be Oct. 24  3-4pm
Call In: 605-477-2100  Access: 828780#
2016 Faithful Families Summit on   September 8   Review Highlights
Healthy Churches 2020 Conference
November 15-18 Charlotte, NC

3-day national, capacity building, training conference for faith leaders, health directors, coordinators, nurses and members of congregational-based Health Ministries. This conference will strengthen the leadership and organizational capacity of your Health Ministry to address health disparities among populations most at-risk for chronic diseases such as: diabetes, obesity, heart disease, hepatitis, and cancer.   Registration now open
walk to school day

North Carolina's participation in 2015 Walk to School increased nearly 50% from 2014! Walk to School Day events were held in over 60 North Carolina Counties with a record 235 schools.
                                                           Find out more info Here!

It's that time of year again!  The holidays will be here before we know it. What partners and organizations do you have in mind to ishare and implement the 2016 Holiday Challenge with?    For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Holiday Challenge, it is a FREE seven-week program from Thanksgiving to New Year's Eve.  It's a great program for worksites and community organizations to pick up and send out... they don't have to do anything but pass along the sign up information
Of course, if they want to do a little extra for their employees/participants/community members, there is a  Worksite Guide available.  For more information, and to sign up, please click here: 2016 Holiday Challenge .
Happy Birthday Ernest Watts Region 8 Tobacco Prevention Lead
Happy Birthday Ernest Watts Region 8 Tobacco Prevention Lead
M any of you and our partners have come to know and work with Ernest Watts very well. He celebrated a significant birthday on September 12.  He is a great colleague and a go get er' in what he does for tobacco prevention/control.  Happy Birthday. 
If you will send him a belated birthday with at

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