Celebrating Life After Injury Through
Adaptive Scuba Diving
So tomorrow is the annual "Talk like a Pirate" day, and yes, its fun, but I want to take this a step further.

We Live Like Pirates! We celebrate our crew in all shapes, forms and abilities, and play and plunder the treasure of the sea!

So on that note, I'm challenging you to post a picture to the Dive Pirates Facebook page and your own page celebrating being a Dive Pirate.

Thought it would be a fun way to celebrate some of my favorite trip pictures, this one of Robert, Martin and Victor is one of them. Have fun with it!
A nice review
A couple of week's ago I told you about the Cincinnati Watch Co. who created a dive watch, and being land locked, he looked for an organization he could donate to that embodied giving back with diving...
and he found us!

Here's a comment from someone who recently purchased one of his watches;

I’m an adaptive diver with about 50 dives, Now have my AOW certification, mostly Dive with Roberta’s scuba shack in Cozumel. I’m a T8 para. Thanks for supporting a group like this. It really makes a difference.

It does make a difference and we appreciate Cincinnati Watch Co. for sharing our passion with new people.
Keeping it short and sweet this week,
Be Safe Pirates!
P.O. Box 1564
Wellington, CO 80549
Phone: 877-EYE-DIVE