October 22, 2020
This Week
October 25th at 10:00am
Becoming Trustworthy
Rev. Joanna Fontaine Crawford
Right now, our world needs people of character we can turn to, individuals we can trust to model better ways of living and to share factual information, whose honesty and integrity make them worthy of our trust.

Join us for Worship at 10:00am: the link will be on the Live Oak homepage: www.liveoakuu.org

Worship, 10:00 am. Link: https://link.liveoakuu.org/LOUUworship

Join us for Fellowship Time immediately following the service (approx. 10:45/11:00)

Share the Plate
Wearing a pink ribbon won’t fight breast cancer, but this month’s Share-the-Plate partner will.
Our October Share the Plate community partner is The Breast Cancer Resource Center. The Breast Cancer Resource Center is a place where breast cancer patients ask questions, explore options, and connect with a diverse community of survivors, lifers, and thrivers who are dedicated to supporting and improving the lives of those touched by breast cancer. Through generous community support, all programs and services are offered free of charge to anyone affected by breast cancer. All designated "share the plate" donations, and half of all undesignated donations, will be given to BCRC for the month of October, which is breast cancer awareness month.

September Recipient - The Freedom to Read Foundation $588.39
A Few Words from the Minister
Have the "Holiday Conversation"
Even though it's only October - I encourage you to start having the conversations about what the holidays are going to look like. Read more
Special Notices
Faith Development 10.19 to 10.25.20
Updates for Faith Development, including link to Chalice Circle sign-up and Activity Box registration... read more

Join the "Advent Boxes" team!
Interested in bringing some happiness to all the members of Live Oak during the holidays? The "Advent Boxes" task force will be designing and producing a gift to bring joy and meaning during the holiday season. If you are interested in serving on this team, please email minister@liveoakuu.org. For more information, read:
Live Oak Has a New Phone Number
We have new phones and can now use VOIP. This will save us about $100 month. It required a change in our phone number. The new # is: 737-240-3345. Feel free to give it a try! Diane gets lonely in the office by herself. The old number will be disconnected 10/31.
Change your automatic donation
Changing your automated pledge contribution to our new church management system makes giving a breeze! If you've struggled with donating money electronically to Live Oak, this news is for you.

Live Oak is saying goodbye to VANCO's complicated donation screens and adopting Breeze, which will make pledge and other church contributions easier. The assistant treasurers are asking all Live Oak contributors who contribute through VANCO to transition to Breeze by January 1 at the latest. Read more
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Worship Service & Fellowship Hour: http://www.liveoakuu.org/ for
In the Community

UBarU Camp & Retreat Center is offering e-events to help you connect with camp and with each other. All the details are at http://ubaru.org/home/e-eventsThe cottages are available for personal and family get-aways. Just send me an email and we can confirm plans. Details about rates and accommodations
  • Winter Family Camp December 31 - January 2
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