July 2, 2020
This Week
This Week   
Sunday, July 5, ONLINE at  10:00am  
The American Soul: Roger Williams
Kiya Heartwood   
Join us for Worship at 10:00am: the link will be on the Live Oak homepage: www.liveoakuu.org
Join us for Fellowship Time immediately following the service: https://bit.ly/LiveOakFellowshipHour 
Share the Plate:       
Our July Share the Plate community partner is ATX Helps. Driven by the Austin Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Austin Alliance-as well as a number of other businesses, nonprofit entities, faith-based organizations, and individuals-ATX Helps's goal is to raise $14 million for the construction and operation of at least one shelter that will provide immediate housing and other necessities for Austinites experiencing homelessness. All designated "share the plate" donations, and half of all undesignated donations, will be given to ATX Helps for the month of July.
A Few Words from the Minister...
Planning for the Unknown
I occasionally receive the following question from people who are not part of any religious community. I answer it politely, seriously, but I have to confess ... inside, I am - with more than a tinge of hysteria - laughing. Or crying. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference... Read more 
A Few Words from the DLFD...
(Director of Lifespan Faith Development)
More to Learn...
I have so much more to learn...I just need time. Read more 
Special Notices
Don't forget to "capture" some water!
September 6th will be our annual water communion/homecoming service. Even this year, when we're still online? Absolutely, and it's going to be a good one! Usually, this time of year, I remind everyone to capture some water from their vacations, backyard sprinklers, etc. Well, I'm doing the same, but I want you to "capture" it in another way. Take a short video or photo this summer of some water you experience - taking a walk near a neighborhood stream, your kids on a slip-and-slide, using water to make lemonade, jumping into your pool, your dog splashing in a kiddie pool, etc. No need to wait - go ahead and send it to minister@liveoakuu.org
Faith Development 6.29.20 to 7.4.20
Here's what you need to know this week. Read more 
Exploring Membership 
You are invited to this Exploring Membership Zoom workshop, Sunday, July 5th from noon to 2pm. RSVP not necessary.  Please join us. The link will be posted on the What's Happening page. 
New Worship Platform! 
Last Sunday, we move to a new platform for our Sunday worship services. Here's some background on that.

Before Sunday, please read our updated instructions for getting the most out of the Sunday worship and fellowship experience.

How it will work:  
Sunday morning, go to http://www.liveoakuu.org/ and click on the link for the worship service. That will take you to our Youtube Premiere page. Gathering will begin at 9:45, and the service begins at 10:00 am.  
After the service, go back to http://www.liveoakuu.org/ and click on the link to Fellowship Time. That will take you to a Zoom meeting room where we will gather in breakout rooms for a deeper discussion with a small group of members. (It's a great way to get to know other members.)
New Sunday Teams - we need your help! 
No need to make coffee for a crowd, but we still need Sunday morning teams. Please email minister@liveoakuu.org and let Rev. Joanna know if you can be one of the:  
Producers: This is our most pressing need. We need a team of people who can take turns "stitching" the service elements into one movie, which will be uploaded to youtube and scheduled to premiere. Average time needed per week: 1 hour when it's "your" week. Zero time the rest of the month. Equipment needed: computer with internet. There are free video editors that will work just fine for this, and we'll teach you - no experience necessary. 
Moderators: We need a couple of moderators each week who can remove anyone who "bombs" our service with inappropriate things in the chat. (This may never happen, but we need to be prepared.)
Vergers: Vergers post appropriate things in chat, e.g. links to donate, the link to fellowship time, etc. 
Live Oak UU Church Engagement Survey 
The Live Oak Healthy Community Team (HCT) and Board of Trustees would like to understand more about how the members and friends of Live Oak feel about their sense of belonging and connectedness to the church.

We also want to make sure we have the latest information in the church directory.

Please complete this survey for yourself only (not as a household) but do feel free to share it with other adult family or friends.
Last Chance - Animal Blessing - Photos/Videos due Monday, July 6!
July 19 is our Animal Blessing service. Please send photos of your pets, and/or a 3-5 minute video talking about what your pets have meant in your life, what they've taught you, etc. (It's fine to talk about a prior pet, e.g. an animal you had as a child.) Please send to minister@liveoakuu.org.

Live Oak Trading Post 
This is where our members who are in need of items small or large, will be able to put it on the list with their preferred contact information. Other members will be able to look at the list and see if these are items that they can supply; or set up a trade for something else. This list is also set up so that if a member has something to offer, that can be put on the list also and just indicate it is being offered. Please take a moment to look at and use the Trading Post. now we don't have to wait for the next Zoom meeting to see if anyone needs anything! 
Tuesday Night Deep Dive 
This regular 7:00pm Tuesday evening Zoom Deep Dive with Kiya is for those who need a deeper check-in and a supportive place to process.  The link can be found on the What's Happening This Week page.

We encourage you to connect with Zoom in various ways.  
If you are planning a Zoom gathering for Live Oak members on your own Zoom account, please provide Diane with the date, time, link and title of the meeting. She will add it to the What's Happening page.  
If you need a zoom meeting scheduled on the Live Oak account, send a request to Diane, and she will help you schedule it and provide the link.  
What's Happening This Week
Enriching Connections has become an even more vital part of all that we do. We want to make it as easy for you to stay connected as possible. So we encourage you to add something to your morning routine. As you sip your coffee or tea, go to this link:  http://www.liveoakuu.org/whats-happening-this-week/ 
It will have the most up-to-date information about connection events. Be sure and save the link! We want to enrich connections, but we are also putting safeguards in place so that we can feel safer when we gather in this way. (But if you have a friend who might want to join, feel free to privately send them the link.) 
Do You Usually Drop Your Pledge Check in the Offertory Basket?
Here's how to submit payments in the time of Covid-19:
By mail:
Live Oak UU Church
3315 El Salido Pkwy
Cedar Park, TX  78613
Click the Donate button on the website or follow this link

Have a great potential member? Concerned that someone is struggling to find their place? Contact the Membership Team and we can reach out. Email: membership@liveoakuu.org 
In the Community
UBarU Camp & Retreat Center is offering e-events to help you connect with camp and with each other.  All the details are at  http://ubaru.org/home/e-events   The upcoming events are offered free of charge and donations are gratefully accepted at  https://ubaru.org/home/Support.  
Additionally, we are planning to host an in-person Star Party at camp Aug 13-16.  We have a few more private rooms available and camping is encouraged.  Details about precautions we will take, registration and more are at https://ubaru.org/home/starParty
Friday Fellowship with UBarU
Every Friday, 6 to 8 pm Central time
We gather in this time between the week that was and the week ahead, to share, to contemplate and to meditate. Friday Fellowship is cosponsored by UBarU and Unitarian Universalist Free Range Ministry.
To join, you must register by following this link. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.
The deadline for the weekly e-newsletter and the Sunday announcements is midnight on Tuesday.  The submission form can be found here
If you have any questions or comments about this Newsletter please email: editor@liveoakuu.org