June 3, 2021
This Week
June 6, 2021
"Wondering and Wandering Flower Communion"
Rev. Joanna Fontaine Crawford

Join us online for a worship service full of music, story, and message honoring our UU tradition of the flower communion. Then after the service, from 11-1, come up to Live Oak for a wandering flower communion on our labyrinth and chalice pathway. In case of rain, the flower communion will be a drive-through event, under the porte-cochere by the Sauber building. 

Join us for Worship at 10:00am: the link will be on the Live Oak homepage: www.liveoakuu.org

Join us for Fellowship Time immediately following the service (approx. 10:45/11:00): https://link.liveoakuu.org/FellowshipHour

New to Live Oak? Stop by https://link.liveoakuu.org/JustForVisitors after the service where we can answer any questions you might have.
Share the Plate
Animals need our help
Live Oak’s Share the Plate recipient for June is Texas Critter Crusaders. This all-volunteer group works almost nonstop to raise money for the sometimes desperate needs of animals at the Taylor Animal Shelter and in other small communities. For example, they have paid for vet care for a dog hit by a car, surgery to remove a dog’s disabling tumor, and treatment of a cat’s broken leg. In some cases, they’ve raised money to help individuals pay for emergency care for their beloved pets that’s otherwise unaffordable for them. They also run adoption events to try to get these animals into forever homes. June’s Share the Plate is a way we can directly aid the sweet critters in our “interdependent web of all existence.” Visit https://texascrittercrusaders.com for more information.

Please help. Go to the Donate link on the Live Oak website’s home page. Use the drop down menu to designate your donation for “Share the Plate”.

May recipient: NAMI - $460.00
A Few Words from the Minister
Feeling "Crunchy"?
After this year of pandemic, are you feeling crispy? Crunchy? Read more
A Few Words from the DLFD
Faith Development 5.31 to 6.6.21
What's happening this week... read more
Special Notices
Wondering and Wandering Flower Communion June 6th
On Sunday, June 6, after our online worship service, come up to Live Oak for a special “Wandering Flower Communion.” Park your vehicle, then come around the back way (by the Common Ground building) and walk along the labyrinth and chalice pathway. You’ll find buckets of flowers along the path where you can both distribute the flowers you brought to share, and find a flower to take home with you.
In solidarity and support to our young folks who are not yet eligible to get fully vaccinated, please continue to wear your mask and observe social distancing.
Office Closed Next Week
Diane will be on vacation next week. Email and voice mail will be returned when she is back in the office on 6/14.

Stump the Minister!
This June, we'll have our annual "Question Box" service, where Rev. Joanna answers all your questions (or as many as she can cram into one service). Got a question about Unitarian Universalism, religion in general, Live Oak, philosophy, why historically beans are not put into Texas-style chili? Send them all to minister@liveoakuu.org. And ask your children for their questions, too! Deadline: June 11.

Volunteers Needed to Listen to Stories!
Sign up for a 30-minute time-slot (children are welcome to join you) to hear one of our adult ESL students read a children’s story over Zoom. They have been invited to read to elementary-aged children at a local school and they just need to practice first. This is the easiest half-hour you can donate to this important social justice work. Just listen to them practice reading their stories.

Each student is assigned a set of books that should take about 25 minutes to read. Feel free to sign up for more than one slot--our ESL students want to be full of confidence when they are in front of school kids.

You can signup to help by using this link or contacting one of the coordinators listed below:

Mary Hengstebeck (512-983-7009), Kim Ono 908-392-1888), or Audrey McCann (903-603-5070)
Congregational Meeting Minutes
Draft minutes and results of congregational meeting here.
Exploring Membership - June
Please join me the second Sunday in June (June 13) for an online "Exploring Membership" class at noon. In this gathering, we'll get to know each other, and I'll share information about Unitarian Universalism and Live Oak UU Church. I'll also share information about what membership means, and how to become a Live Oak member. - Rev. Joanna

Women's Labyrinth Group on Zoom
Sunday, June 13, 6:30-9 p.m
We gather for a sharing circle and finger labyrinth walk as we approach the Summer Solstice (June 20)—the longest day and the fullness of the sun. We reflect on the story of Amaterasu, Japanese Sun Goddess, who retired to a cave in Her grief and despair. What brought Amaterasu out of Her cave? What do we need as we begin to emerge from our cave of the pandemic? You are invited to bring a poem or short reading to share. The group is open to women high school age and older. If you need the Zoom link or a copy of the Live Oak Labyrinth graphic, contact: Linda Webster

Live Oak Seniors' Coffee Hour
Join us for Coffee hour on Thursdays at 10:30am. On the 1st & 3rd week of the month, Rev. Joanna will lead a lively discussion. The other weeks will be an informal gathering. The Zoom link will be on the What's Happening page.
LiveOakUU.org Pages to Visit:
Worship Service & Fellowship Hour: http://www.liveoakuu.org/
Community Outreach & Social Justice: http://www.liveoakuu.org/justice/
In the Community
UBarU Camp & Retreat Center is offering e-events to help you connect with camp and with each other. All the details are at http://ubaru.org/home/e-events. The cottages are available for personal and family get-aways. Just send me an email and we can confirm plans. Details about rates and accommodations

Each Friday at 6:30 p.m.   Join us for Friday Fellowship with Rev. Betty. Friday Fellowship includes meditation, readings, homily and discussion. All are welcome! Co-sponsored by UU Free Range Ministry and UBarU Camp & Retreat Center registration

Each Friday at 10 a.m. Friday  Dance as a spiritual practice, for all ages (adults and kids), genders, abilities, and fitness levels. Set an intention for joy, energy, movement, and community. Open to UUs and wider community, led by Community Minister Rev. Erin Walter. Questions or song requests, contact erinjwalter@gmail.com  link

Youth Summer camps- dates are based on age of camper
Details at www.ubaru.org

Star Party 9/3 - 9/6 Details at www.ubaru.org

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