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October 17-18, Austin
Offers informative sessions, interactive workshops, and networking focused on transforming health in Texas. 

October 22-24, San Antonio
This event brings together leaders dedicated to making each day healthier for all kids through policy change. Over the course of three days, campaign leaders, advocates and national stakeholder will learn from and share with one another to make us all stronger community health advocates.
October 28-30, Oklahoma City
The largest regional obesity prevention event in the US, this year's focus is on improving systems to promote healthy people and resilient communities. 
November 18, Austin
Registration is now open! Find out what legislation was passed and how it will impact your schools/district, hear from other schools and experts on the importance of wellness policies, and help us recognize outstanding individuals across the state who are doing great work in school health.
Click to nominate an individual for their outstanding volunteerism, dedication and passion in helping schools become healthier places for Texas' kids to learn and grow. Selected nominees will be recognized at the Summit (deadline Oct 5).
November 20-23, Ft Worth
International annual conference of juried, cutting-edge research papers, methods, and practices, including research updates for practitioners sessions, and presentations of best practices in the field.

As we close out Child Obesity Awareness Month, we want to thank the champions in Texas who are working hard to reverse the epidemic of obesity in the state.
On September 12, we celebrated several champions at the 2019 Texas Health Champion Award Ceremony in Austin. This year's awardees have done amazing things - Dr. Baker Harrell founded a statewide health and wellness nonprofit organization, It's Time Texas, that has become a recognized leader of the movement to establish a culture of health in Texas, and he HealthStart Foundation has taught more than 4000 Central Texas kids the science behind good health habits since 2010 through a comprehensive pre/elementary school curriculum, a cafeteria nutrition education program, community-based children's health education workshop services, and a mobile game app. In addition, three youth rising stars were honored for their work to improve the health of their school and community - Bailee Chavez (Harmony High School, Big Sandy), Rayna Manchala (Liberal Arts and Science Academy, Austin), and Jimena Tinoco (Westchester Academy for International Studies, Houston). We look forward to seeing more from these future leaders!
Yet, we still have some work to do. A recent report from the Trust for America's Health finds that Texas has the 10 th highest obesity rate in the United States. While this report can be discouraging, Live Smart Texas is here to support your community by connecting champions across the state. Together we spread the word about what is working in Texas, so others can adopt policies and practices to improve the health of our state.
In Health,
-Diane and Leah


Salad Bars to Schools
Deadline: Open
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
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The Michael & Susan Dell Center for Healthy Living has developed a series of reports, Healthy Children, Healthy State , to raise awareness of child health risk factors. Check out the newst one-pager on Child Screen Time.

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Salud America! has launched a new podcast, Salud Talks, to examine how equity and health trends are impacting Latinx communities across the country. Check out new episodes on Wednesdays.

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Healthy Eating Research published beverage recommendations for young children based on input from the nation's leading health organizations. Check out the report, along with several resources.

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The Michael & Susan Dell Center for Healthy Living has  archived webinars on their website. Check out the most recent webinar from LST Webinar Series - 10 Things to Know about Adverse Childhood Experiences.

Region 1:  Dr. Naima Moustaid-Moussa, Texas Tech University ([email protected] )
Region 2/3:  Daniel Bouton, Community Council ([email protected])
Region 4/5N: Terrence Ates, Northeast Texas Public Health District ( [email protected])
Region 6/5S: Gwen Sims, Harris County Public Health ( [email protected] )
Region 7:  Kristen Nussa, IT'S TIME TEXAS ([email protected]
Region 8:  Gabe Aguilar, San Antonio Metropolitan Health District ([email protected])
Region 9/10: Pema Garcia, Texas A&M University ( [email protected])
Region 11:  Dr. Belinda Reininger, UTSPH Brownsville ( [email protected])