Let's Practice Together!
Kids And Families Welcome!

4/4 Saturday 1:30-2:30
Live Stream Yoga 

Please, sign up and follow directions
posted on sign up page ~
Journey Into the Swadhisthana Chakra
The sacral (from the word sacred) or 2nd chakra is an energy vortex where we deal with emotions and sexuality.
Our passion feeds our creativity and our creativity feeds our passion in this 2nd chakra. Tune-in and tune-up your Swadhisthana Chakra for more passion, purpose, and pleasure. Support your ability to feel joyful, creative, and energetic. As you move through life's big transitions with pleasure and grace. Start by affirming: goodness, divinity, beauty and joy resonate within my soul!

Yoga classes in the comfort of your own home! Gather your bolsters and zafus, eye pillows and chimes, your favorite essential oils, turn the thermostat to your perfect temp and soften the lights~

Yoga must go on!

To purchase a virtual yoga class for $8.00 go to:

Make sure you use an email that is functional with a mailbox that can receive mail. Please, include your phone number, in case there is an issue connecting to the class.

Your website purchase will alert me to add you to the invite list for our Zoom Virtual meeting, in our case a yoga class. Multiple class passes are coming soon.

Set up a ZOOM account now so that you can receive the invite tomorrow morning. It will take 5-10 minutes to create a ZOOM account with your name and email.

Saturday morning around 1:00 p.m. you will receive an invite with a link that prompts you right into the class. Join early. You don't have to be seen or have your home be seen to participate. I mute participants during the class, so you can hear me but everyone else cannot hear each other. Feel free to play your own music, do doggie yoga, etc...those sounds won't interrupt our class.

Once you have created a ZOOM account you will be able to receive my invite by email 30 minutes before the class begins. The link in the invite will prompt you right into the class. Super easy.

Once you receive my invite, you must sign in to the yoga class by 1:15 (cut off time) so that I may start on time. If you miss the cut off time you can join a future class. There are no class refunds.

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