The purpose of HELP22 is to reinforce the will to live among our veterans and military service members through coaching, counseling, and mentoring.


Our vision is to reduce the approximately 22 suicides per day among veterans without charging any veteran for our efforts. It is to use insight, emptahy, and positive energy to kindle hope.


Help22 is a not-for-profit organization that provides coaching, counseling, therapy and encouragement to veterans, in order to increase their
resiliency—specifically, their capacity to stop suicidal thinking
and/or resist acting on thoughts of suicide.

Help22 believes that those who join the military are mission-driven people.  We seek to galvanize their will to survive the battles they face with depression, despair or severe disruptions in their lives with a direct challenge:

Live To Fight One More Day, Every Day
We believe that if veterans survive depression, despair or severe disruption
in their lives, after their service, that they are heroes, again, because they affirm the power of faith and insulate their fellow servicemen, friends
and loved ones from the immense grief of losing them.  

We re-define suicidal thinking as an invading enemy, demanding surrender.  

Help22 Heroes Vow to Live Through Depression, Despair or Disruption


We believe that veterans confronting depression, despair or severe disruption in their lives can benefit from being part of a nationwide veterans’ movement to never surrender one’s life, part of smaller groups in which they encourage one another to “fight one more day, every day,” and participants in one-on-one sessions with coaches, counselors or therapists who reinforce the commitment to embrace that challenge, even in the face of severe emotional pain.

Celebrate Life

We believe that celebrating the refusal to surrender to depression,
despair or disruption is both appropriate and important at intervals of 30,
100 and 365 days, all the while never forgetting the underlying and fundamental challenge to live one more day.

We believe that defining depression, despair and disruption as a powerful, foreign invading force that must be defeated daily can activate the warrior inside the veteran and unleash his or her tenacity, resiliency and will to live.

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