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The Mediterranean season kicked off at the weekend, with the Cannes Film Festival and the Monaco Grand Prix acting as magnets for the world's superyachts.

You'll be working extremely hard for the next few months. Make it count.  This issue of YFSOL's  Insider Briefing is designed to help you do exactly that. We'll help you turn your sweat and professional dedication into something meaningful for YOU .

For a start, we're still giving away free money to investors who put money into the first €250,000 tranche of our new YFSOL V fund. €100,000 has already been invested. Insider tip? Don't wait until the season is over to avail of this offer. It won't be around long. More below.

There is plenty besides, so use this insider information to your benefit. If you haven't yet made 2017 the year-of-you, now is the ideal time to start.

The YFSOL Team

Yachting Life

Thought for You

Meet... Clive Evans, Founder & Chairman

In a nutshell...

Most people don't realise that yachting is a great springboard to another life. Although the yachting life is good, what comes after is better. There is nothing better than sitting down with someone and hearing, "Wow, I never realised what was possible. You've really made me think."

Before YFSOL...

I've spent nearly 40 years in financial services, initially with a major UK life insurance and financial services company. 15 years later, I was their London regional director .

I started out as a professional photographer, would you believe it? Still something I love doing, but difficult to make a living from. I was tempted into commerce by someone who waved a car under my nose and I ended up selling timber. I was really good at it.

Then I met some guys who were in financial services; my age, late-twenties then, and making five times as much as I was. I thought I'd at least check it out. And over a lunch with some people in the business, I found my life's calling. I've dedicated my life to helping people grow their money since.

I had a very successful career, but after a while you have a choice to make. Continue working to build someone else's business or start building your own legacy and dreams.

So, Yachting Financial Solutions was born.

Attraction of yachting...

People in yachting have far more likelihood of achieving the life of their dreams than people ashore. Anyone working in yachting has the potential after five to 10 years to completely reinvent themselves.

Being involved in yachting, even for a short time, changes your outlook on life. You become much more aware of what's possible.

There is a downside to yachting. It's a seductive life and the industry uses that. It is complicit in keeping people locked in by encouraging them to spend all the money they earn, so they can't leave the business on their terms. The idea that people could use their life in yachting to build financial freedom is anathema. "Do spend all your money. That means you have to stay."

The best thing I've ever done...

Marrying Teresa-without a doubt.

Most memorable thing in yachting I've done...

I really enjoy visiting places by sea. A favourite memory is coming into Valletta first thing in the morning. It's beautiful and you imagine yourself to be one of the Knights Templar, because it feels like it hasn't changed since their day.

I'm a yacht master. My first night passage across the English Channel to Guernsey was pretty special. Arriving at night. The tidal range is 40 ft, so you go to anchor and in the morning you wake up to these massive rock faces.

My favourite place...

West Cork, Ireland.

Walking our dog there in the peace and quiet really brings me back to life. The great thing about where we live is that everywhere else feels like Manhattan.

My advice...

Don't waste your opportunities. This life is finite. Make the most of your time on Earth. This isn't a rehearsal. It really isn't. So you have to live every day to the full and take your opportunities.
Another thing: every day is worth living. Even the bad ones. Don't look back on bad things that happened and beat yourself up. They were a door closing so another door could open. Sometimes they close with a bang. What often looks like really bad news is often really good news.

If money were no object...

I'd like to pick up the photography again. Do something with my creativity. I just don't have the time for it at the moment.

I'd build my Porsche collection some more. I'm determined to buy a Porsche in California and drive it to New York. Then ship it home to Europe.

I'd love to get back into racing classic Porsches too. I started doing that a couple of years ago. It's a project on hold at the moment. But one day... 

Like it so far?

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YFSOL V: Get 1% Free

YFSOL V contains some big names. Shouldn't you join them?
Can free money be real?  Well, with YFSOL V, the answer is, "Yes". If you are among the first investors into the fund, we'll add 1% to the value of your allocation. In other words, we'll allocate you 101% of the value you put into the fund. That's as good as free money.
The offer will be open until the end of July, or until total investment into the fund reaches €250,000, whichever comes first.

What is YFSOL V?

YFSOL V is a value investing strategy. It's the strategy that has made Warren Buffett (the world's second-richest man in 2017, according to Forbes) most of his fortune.

Value investors believe that a stock's price is not necessarily the same as the company's value, and that money can be made by buying such businesses for less than their true worth. Value investing is once again gaining traction among major fund managers. We believe it is overdue a comeback, which is why we've created YFSOL V. It's an investment strategy that gives you the opportunity to invest like Warren Buffett does.

The key is identifying companies that are undervalued by the stock market. That's not easy. So we've identified some of the best value-style investment managers in the world and combined their expertise in one simple strategy. Even better-because this is part of our Polaris range of strategies, we've been able to make it accessible and affordable.

Who can invest?

YFSOL V is one of the strategies that fall under our Polaris scheme. So, you'll need to either be an existing Polaris member or join.

Existing Polaris clients can add YFSOL V to their portfolio with an additional investment of €10,000 or more. Minimal paperwork required.

New Polaris clients will need to invest €25,000, which can all be in YFSOL V, or across a range of Polaris strategies. The offer of 1% additional allocation only applies to money invested in YFSOL V.

If you'd like to be among the first group of investors and receive the additional 1% on your investment, email us: .

Waves Gets YOU Inside the Funds the Rich Use

Would you like to be on the inside and invest in the same funds that the rich do? Just like the person who owns the yacht you work on does?

Better still. Imagine if you can do it all online.

We recently launched  Waves , a  straightforward and transparent means of online investing. You can sign up for Waves online any time and from anywhere in the world. And you can track your investments online too.

Waves allows you to pay regular monthly contributions into a basket of funds, including successful funds managed by the Rothschild family and Ruffer, two of the biggest names in international investment. The whole thing is designed to get you on the inside of the funds the world's richest people invest in.

So, take the Waves Test today and see if you can join the online investment revolution.

Insider Update: Muso

Muso is an anti-piracy company that we helped clients invest in last year, through our relationship with Harwell Capital. Some promising news has reached us.

Muso has announced a test trial with a global trade body network to provide content protection to a significant global media market. We can't say who it is, but we can say  that the sector represents one of the top five media sectors globally, with a market value greater than $15bn per annum.

If the trial results in a formal deal, Muso expects it would generate a minimum annual recurring revenue of £500,000, with the potential to scale up to £15m should growth in the take-up among the trade body's members meet  business targets.

Muso already has over 1,000 clients including Sony Music, Spotify, Adele, One Direction, MBC and the British Music Trade Body.

Here's the Insider Briefing investment context: Harwell raised £2 million for Muso at a price of £4.82 per share, last year. The company is targeting an exit of £312 million within 5 years, based on multiples of 10x EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortisation). In laymen's terms: a HUGE profit for investors (including YFSOL clients) if all goes to plan.

Interested in venture capital investments like Muso? Let us know and we'll keep you informed when the next opportunity arises: Bear in mind, while the returns on venture capital can be spectacular, the risks are correspondingly high. Don't worry, though. We'll check to make sure venture capital makes sense for you.

Chase Your Dreams Hard

You're the only person who can turn your life into the one you want.

We're here to help you do that. We'll help you use your wealth to finance  your dreams; not the dreams of others.

Choose your life. Not a dog's life. (Unless it's like Rupert's. He lives like royalty.)

Clive, Teresa, Phil, Roger, Helen, Jojo, Shelley, Guy & Rupert (right)

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