JULY 2020
Live from the Holy Land

Diocese of Jerusalem leaders talk about current conditions in these complicated times
American Friends has launched “Live from the Holy Land,” live video conversations with distinguished leaders of Diocese of Jerusalem humanitarian institutions.

The first three conversations were held in June and July and recorded so all AFEDJ supporters can listen in to hear what diocesan leaders have to say about current conditions in Gaza, Jordan, and East Jerusalem.

Their conversations with AFEDJ Executive Director John Lent cover their backgrounds, their institutions, and how the wider community is coping with COVID and the economic crisis resulting from the shutdowns.

Insightful and introspective, frank and funny, hopeful and heartfelt, the leaders' responses offer a window into their local contexts and the challenges of offering Christian witness in a complex region.

We invite you to listen in to the first three videos below or on our "Live from the Holy Land" playlist on YouTube.

Stay-tuned for more conversations throughout the summer.
Ahli Arab Hospital Director Suhaila Tarazi from Gaza on July 9
"Everybody at the hospital knows that today there will be a meeting between me and our partners in this mission. They said, 'Oh, Suhaila, we are not left alone.'"

Suhaila Taraz i
Learn more about Ahli Arab Hospital here.
Saviour's Episcopal School Principal Dua'a Bisharat from Jordan on July 7
"I tell my teachers,
take an umbrella.
God will provide the rain."

Dua'a Bisharat

Learn more about Saviour's School here.
Princess Basma Centre General Director Ibrahim Faltas from East Jerusalem on June 11
"Now we have to re-invent some of the services we offer."

Ibrahim Faltas

Learn more about Jerusalem Princess Basma Center here.
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