July 2015
Periscope and Popcorn Time Prove Piracy Still Potent
Periscope (funded by Twitter), Popcorn Time (referred to as the "Nexflix of piracy") and other novel live-streaming apps prove piracy is still an active issue in the video industry. These apps threaten to devalue the video content business, much like the struggles that have been seen in the music industry. The good news is that legal enforcement seems to be making headway. READ MORE 
Europe's Bold Bid to Remake TV Rights
European regulators are trying to forge a Digital Single Market (DSM) that would unify Europe's tech sector and lessen internal barriers to business. Advocates say a DSM would help European tech firms compete against their American rivals by selling to Europe as a whole, instead of on a territory-by-territory basis. Critics, however, claim that it will only end up strengthening U.S. firms, like Netflix, that can license and effectively distribute a movie across all of European countries. SEE WHAT GREG SCOBLETE THINKS WILL HAPPEN.
Content Copyrights: Broadcasters' Friend or Foe?
The increased demand for streaming video is on the rise - and along with it the debate on how to handle copyrights. Advocates claim streaming TV content without permission is a copyright violation. Critics claim it is stifling high-tech innovation and not allowing them to meet consumer demand. FIND OUT MORE.

Global TV Brand Licensing Study
DTC is conducting a specialized tracking study to help companies better understand the complicated value chain and complex TV brand licensing agreements currently shaping the global marketplace. On a quarterly basis, companies participating in the study will receive dependable market intelligence on the latest brand licensing agreements, estimated number of worldwide shipments, and market share by brand and licensee. 

Call 214.915.0930 ext. 1 to participate. Join the annual multi-client study early and receive additional consulting from our primary analysts on this project.

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