Live to Cycle Fitness is Moving to Virtual Training!     


1. You get one of our bikes delivered to your home.

2. You need to keep it wiped down like you would at the studio and let us know immediately if there are any issues with the bike so we can have Brian at Off the Chain come to your home and fix it. (Safety first!)

3.  You need to participate in at least 3 classes a week using Mindbody, understanding that there may be days you are sick, have an appointment or may be on vacation- hopefully we will be able to enjoy those again soon! 

4.  If you find that the classes are not working for you or you no longer want to participate in the Virtual Classes, you need to let me know so that I can pass your bike on to the next person on the waiting list.

5. If you are interested in being added to the waiting list to get a bike and participate in these Virtual Classes, please let me know. 

6.  If you have your own bike , or know someone who does and wants to participate in our amazing classes, we would love to have you join us! Go to Mindbody to Sign Up !
 1 Hour Personal Bootcamp Classes (Strength Training, Cardio and Core Strengthening) at a time that works best with Your Schedule!
Price Per Session :   
1 Person   $35 
2-4 People  $30  
4 or more People $25
*Current Live to Cycle Members save $5/Session
** Immediate $5 off/Session for all who book a class through 
August 2020!
Virtual Personal Training Prices

30 Minute Session     $35.00
1 Hour Session           $50.00

Special Packages
5 Sessions   ($45/Hr)     $225.00
10 Sessions ($40/Hr)      $400.00
20 Sessions ($35/Hr)      $700.00

* Current Live to Cycle Member get $5/off Per Session! :)
We can also come to your home to train you for an added cost!

        May's Extraordinary LTC Person...
                 Jane Dempsey  
Extraordinary. 3.1.2020
Jane, Joan Cronin's daughter, first started her fitness journey at Live to Cycle doing her 1st Spinning class on August 24, 2011- just 3 days after I opened! I have known her for almost a decade! 

Jane moved to NYC in June of 2019 with her fiance, Chris, and started Virtually Personal Training with me 2 times a week on December 12, 2019! She wanted to be in the best shape of her life for her wedding on June 20, 2020. Then Covid-19 happened. They were forced to postpone their wedding until next year. Jane is truly an inspiration! In 5 short months she lost 15" and 10 lbs. and is in the best shape of her life! She has embraced a healthy lifestyle and is reaping the rewards of her efforts! It is truly an honor and a privilege to be a part of her extraordinary journey! She is continuing to do our sessions twice a week! I love her so much and can't wait to see where the next 5 months takes her! 
My Virtual Spinning Classes are running the same way they do in the studio! Please S i gn Up on Mindbody or you won't get an email for the link you need to join the class you signed up for!
Enjoy 50 Minutes of fun! Warm Up, Strength or Interval Ride, Cool Down and Stretch!
My ride will be the same for each week- with some                               Carolyn twists- so you can learn it, practice it and master it! 

Intense 60 Minute Ride!
     Race Day This Month
        Saturday,  June 27th

      Virtual Spinning Schedule for June:
                       *Potential 5:45AM class in the future if demand is there!                                                     
  1 Ride Pass  $ 12 
  5 Ride Pass  $ 55    
10 Ride Pass  $100   
20 Ride Pass  $180
40 Ride Pass  $350 
Monthly Pass- $100 (Unlimited Spinning Classes for 1 Rider for 1 Month)

If you have bike shoes in the studio, please contact me ASAP so we can arrange for you to pick them up! :) 

Please use the Mindbody App
To Sign Up and Pay For Virtual Spinning Classes!
 Make sure you have reserved your Bike!   Click below to start using now! 
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