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LOY Celebrates Its 15th Year Anniversary
1. Saturday 12 September 2020, 10.30 - 12.30 EEST
The Opening Festivity for the LiveOnlineYoga Courses
2. Monday 14 September 2020, 18.30 - 21.30 EEST
The Opening Festivity for the LiveOnlineShakti Group
3. Saturday 19 & 26 September 2020, 08.30 - 10.30 EEST
***Kids LiveOnlineYoga***
4. Monday 21 & 28 September 2020, 16.30 - 18.30 EEST
***Prenatal LiveOnlineYoga***
5. Tuesday 22 & 29 September 2020, 16.30 - 18.30 EEST
***Moms LiveOnlineYoga***
6. Tuesday 22 & 29 September 2020, 14.30 - 16.30 EEST
***Seniors LiveOnlineYoga***

    Dear friend, our new website is published! Please see the novelties and updates on our LiveOnlineYoga platform and give us your feedback.
You are kindly invited to celebrate with us the 15th anniversary of LiveOnlineYoga during this season's new series of events (webinars, courses and celebrations) that are being offered free of charge and bilingual (English and Romanian)! 
In case you can not attend live contact us to receive the replay links of our new webinars. 
    Please check here our facilities during and after the COVID-19 pandemic

EVENTS SCHEDULE (Access links included): 
A limited number of seats are available for these webinars. Please book your seat here.

The 15th anniversary of LiveOnlineYoga is a spiritual milestone and we would like to express our gratitude, from the bottom of our hearts, to all those who have helped and supported us, over the past fifteen years!  
The Opening Festivity for the LiveOnlineYoga Courses - Webinar AGENDA
  • A 60 minute presentation: 
    • An Introduction to MAHASIDDHA YOGA 
  • A 30 minute practice session yielding the process of resonance on certain subtle vibration frequencies with sublime, harmonious energies from the macrocosm for singles as well as loving couples
    • Meditations
  • An interactive session with the attendees and the trainer having almost 30 years of experience in yoga
  • And much more ...
Anytime you can book an online class here.                                  Access Link 1
In case you can not attend live contact us to receive the replay links of our new webinars. 
The Opening Festivity for the LiveOnlineShakti Group - Webinar AGENDA 
original painting by Karmen Preda
"Soul of Planet Earth" by Artist Karmen Preda
  • A 60 minute presentation:
    • A Delightful Introduction into the Wonderful Inner Universe of a SHAKTI - Part Three
  • A 70 minute practice session yielding the process of resonance with sublime, harmonious energies from the macrocosm that help us fully manifest our elevated femininity:
    • 4 meditations
    • a relaxation exercise
  • An interactive session with the attendees and the trainer having almost 30 years of experience in yoga.
  • And much more ...
Anytime you can book an online class here                                 Access Link 2
In case you can not attend live contact us to receive the replay links of our new webinars. 
The New LiveOnlineYoga Courses for Kids, Pregnant, Mothers, and Seniors

To help families throughout and after these pandemic times, we have created a special series of 4 new LiveOnlineYoga classes for kids, pregnant, mothers, and seniors with the following discounts:
  • ONE module 100% FREE of charge for students enrolled in beginners, medium, or advanced integral LiveOnlineYoga classes, as well as the ladies from the LiveOnlineShakti group or a family member;
  • TWO modules 100% FREE of charge for ladies enrolled in both an integral LiveOnlineYoga class (beginners, medium or advanced) and the LiveOnlineShakti group
  • ONE module 50% FREE of charge for MISA students or a family member.
Please join the 2 introductory FREE webinars for each one of these novelty online courses. 

Kids LOY Access Link 3                                 Prenatal LOY Access Link 4
Moms LOY Access Link 5                              Seniors LOY Access Link 6

Anytime you can book an online class here.                                Find Out More
In case you can not attend live contact us to receive the replay links of our new webinars. 
Students Testimonials on LiveOnlineShakti Meetings 
"First of all, I would like to thank you for this year that has passed. It was a long one, it was hard, it was wonderful and full of gifts. It is hard to believe that I succeeded escalating with you all this wonderful mountain, I feel happy and grateful for this grace.
I pray to God to give me strength for the year to come, to give me perseverance, aspiration, humility and love. Because it is hard. But it is so beautiful.
Virginia, you kindly asked us to review our meetings from last year and to mention what touched us the most. How could I choose? It is you, you touched me the most, you all with your words, with your sacrifices, with your testimonials and the steps in life that you make and that you share with love, with your grace and beauty, you touch me the most.
You are asking what we wish for next year.
I wish to serve. I wish to give. I have received so much and I wish to give. I don' t know exactly how and what, but perhaps this would give me a meaning. And I wish I can apply in real life what you teach us, what you transmit, because it is easy to close your eyes and enter in a wonderful state, but it is so hard to apply in the day to day life what you find out in these classes.
Some weeks ago I did a short prayer to Tripura Sundari asking her kindly to help me with something that for me was very important and to which I could not find a solution. And while I was praying you appeared, you and Katherine, and stood by me and supported me in that prayer. It is hard to describe, I have never experienced something similar, it was like you with your love joined me in my prayer, and I was saying: for the love that I have for these wonderful women please Tripura Sundari listen to my prayer, I put this love as pledge and I offer it, as it is what I have sincerer, purer, please listen to my prayer.
For these moments and for all your purity and strength I thank you all with humbleness and I pray to God to keep me with you Virginia. You are the most beautiful gifts, you are my part of beauty and truth, you are my moments of purity and sincerity and I thank you from my heart for everything.
I embrace you with gratitude and I thank you for everything that you are, you are beauty and kindness, you are gentleness and grace, you are Shakti." 
A.T, a 5th year student, EU

half Lord of the Fish pose
LiveOnlineYoga Classes Are Open 
Our spiritual platform is for the yoga beginners as well as practitioners who are bound by the limitations of a busy life, children, business travel or long commutes, that keeps you away from your yoga classes. Live integral yoga classes all in the convenience of your home or your home away from home, wherever you are with internet access. The curriculum of the LiveOnlineYoga classes follow the one year programs of the largest yoga school of Europe - MISA (Movement for Spiritual Integration into the Absolute) taught live, in weekly scheduled classes online under the watchful eye of a well trained yoga teacher. The LiveOnlineYoga students also benefit from the opportunity to review classes from their previous years of study, to recover the missed classes for both the practical part as well as the new lessons and to rejoice in the uniqueness of a private online community. In addition to the special classes designed for the online environment, we offer to our students the possibility to join for FREE, spiritual celebrations and events in unison with their colleagues from the various local yoga centers of our international school.
The LiveOnlineYoga platform keeps students informed about the local events of our school worldwide: camps, workshops, artistic and spiritual events and warmly encourages them to attend whenever they can. 
Please register via email at or book a class here

Upcoming FREE Live Webinars and Celebrations
Both present and former yogis as well as novices are welcome to attend the LiveOnlineYoga spiritual events and join our international online community: 
 Limited number of seats available. Please book your seat here.

The LiveOnlineYoga students also have the possibility to attend integral yoga, gupta mahasiddha yoga and shakti yoga webinars especially offered to them only and FREE of charge!

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