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Best practices for working from home
1.        Mindfulness : Check out this week’s LiveWell Now! for a deep dive on mindfulness.
2.       Find balance : Schedule set and limited times for you to check media throughout your day.
3.        Stay active : From the comfort of your own home “office” workout using chair yoga.
4.        Social distancing : Schedule time in your day to FaceTime or videocall family and friends.
5.       Hydration : Add fruits to your water for flavor.
6.        Healthy meals : Ensure to eat vegetables or fruits with every meal.
7.       Family time : Bring the family together by playing a family board game or activity.
8.       Balancing work with kids at home : Have a bottle ready before meetings.
9.       Stay safe in the sun : Wear your favorite sunglasses and a strong sunscreen outdoors.
10.    Transition back to the office : Maintain a schedule at home, respecting your workday. 
Let’s take a deeper dive into mindfulness!
A healthy mind leads to a healthy body. The practice of mindfulness is one that you can do any time of day. As we transition into the spring season with beautiful weather, you can even take a mindfulness walk. Remember to be intentional in practicing mindfulness and schedule mindfulness breaks throughout your day. Fun Fact: Our brain can't concentrate for a sustained amount of time. The best it can do is to focus continuously for about 90 minutes or so, and then most must take a short break to clear their head. Use the recommendation listed below to ensure that you maintain mental and emotional health.
One way to be mindful is to practice meditation. If you're new to the practice or would like more resources, visit M2’s resource guide to get you started on your mindfulness practice journey. The resource guide includes short, guided meditations, book recommendations on the topic of mindfulness, and other alternatives for meditation.

If you are looking for longer meditations, check out these great options:
There’s an app for that. If you would like to carry your mindfulness and meditation practice with you on the go, check out the following apps for mindfulness and meditation:
Emotional connectedness
Even though we are physically away from our coworkers, friends, and perhaps, our extended family members, it is important for us to stay connected to them in other ways. According to Harvard Health , if we are spending more time alone, it may not necessarily mean that we are lonely. There are simple things you can do to stay connected to others during this time.

Practice kindness and gratitude
Express gratitude to those who are continuing to work amid the current circumstance to serve our community. From health care workers to grocery store employees and delivery personnel, there are many people who are working to ensure that our community is prepared. A simple smile, words of affirmation, and making eye contact are safe ways to express gratitude. Feel free to do so generously.

Stay connected with loved ones
Make time in your daily schedule to call a friend, coworker, or a loved one. Check-in on people to see how they are doing, share funny memories and stories, or catch up with a friend you haven’t spoken to in a long time.

Be a friend
If you know someone who may not have a strong support system, reach out to them to see how they are doing. Don’t make it complicated. A simple text message will do!

Mindful Practices
Keep a daily journal
The practice of journaling can be a powerful way to release emotions and reflect on the beginning or ending of the day. You can try journaling about your day, your goals, or use different writing prompts for journal entries.

Repeat a positive affirmation
It’s easy to get into a negative headspace during times like these. To help break this cycle, replace these negative thoughts with positive thoughts. The repetition of doing this helps you to be more mindful and feel more positive.

Get back to nature
Spending time in nature is a great way to be more grounded and present. Try taking off your shoes to feel the sensation of the ground, which we are most likely unfamiliar with. This is such a fun and relaxing way to spend time.
Thank you for reading LiveWell Now! If you are trying any of these wellness tips or know of any that we can share, tag us on social media with your photos of how you and your family are staying healthy @GoWellnessAtoZ using the hashtags #LiveWellNow.