March 2018

JV Winter Bash
This year 36 students from Johnstown, City Life and Gahanna participated in this year's middle school camp called JV Winter Bash. They learned about Daniel and his friends and how they resisted the fires to serve and honor God. The students responded well and many took steps to deepen their relationship with God and serve more faithfully. Below, YFC staff Cat Myers shares about the girls in her small group:

"We studied Daniel 1-4. Some takeaways by the girls in my small group was that standing up for God could be hard, but it's worth it. And when you don't listen to advice you endure unneeded nonsense that you could have avoided. My girls also shared about "fires" they have been through in their life and not knowing exactly how God was with them, but trusting that He was! One of my girls talked about when she woke up to her mom having overdosed. She explained that a reason she thinks her mom has struggled so much with drugs and mental health issues is because she went through fires when she was young and never asked God for help or told very many people. This students wants to turn to God and trust Him and pray about her fires with trusted friends. A personal encouraging thing to me was that a lot of our JV students are already involved or want to be involved with mentoring. It made me excited to get back to work and find them great mentors!"
Why I Do Wh at I D o
by Katie Campbell, City Life
Every Monday I show up to spend time with high school students, to share life with them, to challenge them, to listen to them, to guide them, to love them, to laugh with them, sometimes to cry with them, and to share Jesus with them. 

In the past nine years, hundreds of high schoolers have walked through City Life, shared a meal, heard the truth, had some fun and felt some love. Many, many students (even some that are not around anymore) take a piece of my heart. And sometimes, it’s hard to keep choosing to love and give and be all in. But I have been so extremely blessed by God, first and foremost, and by City Life that I have, out of gratitude, chosen a lifestyle of giving back and showing Christ’s love to people.

It might not always be in this way, but I am so thankful for the Mondays I get to spend with students. Especially when I get to watch them say “Yes” to Jesus and witness their lives changing right before my eyes.
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Seeing YFC's Outreach Over the Years
by Bryan Brookes, Leadership Development Director
One of the motivations for tutoring students through the  Columbus Tutoring Initiative  is to help them learn to read so they can hopefully meet God through reading the Bible. We hope and pray that this happens, but rarely see confirmation of this - until recently! 

In 2012, Teri volunteered with CTI at Dana Elementary in Franklinton. We matched Teri with a young second-grade student, Ashlee, who was barely reading (or talking). Before the end of the school year, Ashlee's teacher requested that another student, Ashley, meet with the two of them for group tutoring. She wasn't sure if Ashlee and Ashley would get along, or what would happen, but knew that both girls needed support and tutoring. In 2013, the three met together at Dana weekly for tutoring, and the two girls actually became friends. In the years since, Dana Elementary closed its doors, Ashlee and Ashley went to a different school, and Teri had to stop volunteering with CTI. 

On January 17, I started teaching a new class for YFC student leaders, volunteers and staff. The class is called "The Bible: Start to Finish," and the goal is to explain God's plan through the Word, and how to read and understand each portion. As students came in to sit down, I walked around to meet them. I soon spotted Ashlee, and then I looked to her left and saw the other Ashley! They are involved in our middle school club, and enjoy reading the Bible regularly - answering prayer that God would draw people into His Word. Very rewarding to see how God has used YFC's various outreaches to help these young ladies know and serve Him!
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