This newsletter is geared towards those who have completed a Living Compass training, but is also intended for, and can be shared with all those interested in Living Compass. 
Living Compass Community Newsletter
January 2017
Wellness In Action
Cindy Staggs, a faith community nurse at Peace Lutheran Church in Peoria, AZ, attended our Congregational Wellness Advocate training in November. She recently shared with us the Living Compass work she has been doing with her congregation as she completed her certification, and how it's all being received.

" I have presented Living Compass to my congregation as a whole, I send a Living Compass e-mail to my whole congregation every other week, and I have taught several of the 4 week programs during our Wednesday night programming. The 4 week programs are very popular and folks always want to continue in some manner beyond the 4 weeks! Also, the Lenten and Advent booklets were very well received. I encourage people to have discussions on the booklet with their own small groups, which they have been doing. My congregation loved the Advent devotional on simplicity; I ran out of them because so many people were talking about it and wanted them for friends and more!"

Congregational Wellness Advocate Training
Future Trainings: 
Sewanee, TN February 8-10, 2017
Chicago, IL March 9-11, 2017
Chicago, IL April 20-22, 2017
Chicago, IL July 13-15, 2017
Chicago, IL September 21-23, 2017
Chicago, IL October 26-28, 2017

New: Parent and Teen Training 
Chicago, IL June 29- July 1, 2017

Learn how to use Living Compass tools to enhance your congrega tion's vitality and to conn ect with the community by beginning or  expanding a wellness ministry. After a training retreat, you'll return to your congregations to complete your certification. 

Visit the Living Compass website to learn more training.

Register for a Congregational Wellness Advocate Training
Additional Training Opportunities
Private group trainings can be arranged both at the Nicholas Center and at regional locations (for large  groups) on mutually agreeable dates.
For more information contact

Making Connections
Look for Living Compass, or join us at these up coming events:

CWA Training at the Beecken Center in Sewanee, TN Feb. 8-10th

Diocese of Milwaukee Living Compass Events at Nashotah House Theological Seminary in Nashotah, WI  Feb. 11th & April 8th

Certification Celebration
Please help us to congratulate the following Congregational Wellness Advocates who have completed their certification:
  • Marilee Comerford (Trinity Episcopal, Marshfield, MA)
  • Cindy Staggs (Peace Lutheran Church, Peoria, AZ)
  • Rose Walker (St. Patrick's Episcopal Church, Dublin, OH
  • Anna Courie (St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Alexandria, VA)
Many of you have already far surpassed the completion of what it takes to be certified and all you need to do now is fill out the form. 

I f you are interested in completing your CWA List of Activities for Certification found in your training binders or need a new form please contact

We will be honored to send you your official certificate. Keep an eye out for future certified CWA promotions and events.
Recommended Resources
Announcing our brand new Lenten devotional, available in both English and Spanish! 
Use the promotional code: CWALENT
For those of you who have completed a Living Compass Congregational Wellness Advocate training, we are happy to offer you one or two packs of 25 booklets at no cost-you will just have to pay for shipping. You can order these free booklets with the code CWALENT. If you need more than 50 booklets, you can purchase them for $25 per pack of 25. If you need financial assistance for additional booklets, please contact Edith Lipscomb at  The Spanish version is based on the same theme and contains separate, original content, see more details below. 
Living Well Through Lent 2017
Listening With All Your Heart, Soul, Strength, and Mind
Lent is a time for introspection and self-reflection, a time to become intentional about listening more deeply to God, ourselves, and others. As we make this turn inward and commit to listening with more intention, we typically become intentional about changing the routine and rhythm of our daily lives. We may choose to take on a certain practice or habit. We may also choose to give something up.
Designed for use as an individual reflection and study , small groups, a congregational Lenten program, and/or a retreat Listening With All Your Heart, Soul, Strength, and Mind  provides a foundation to help us explore a deeper connection between faith and our capacity to listen to God.  Each Sunday in this 80-page guide offers a reflection written by a featured writer; and every other day of the week begins with a scripture or quote, followed by a reflection, and an invitation to record any thoughts, feelings, or insights.
Includes reflections from: The Rev. Brian Cole, Amy Cook, The Rt. Rev. Charles Andrew Doyle, The Rev. Roger Ferlo, Ph.D., The Rev. Robert T. Flick, The Rev. Deacon Marsha Evans Holmes, The Rev. Lisa Senuta, and The Rev. Dr. Scott Stoner.
Living Compass is delighted to join you on your Lenten journey.
Vivir una Cuaresma diferente en el 2017
Escuchando Con Todo El Corazón, Alma, Fuerzas, y Mente
La estación de Cuaresma es "tiempo fuerte" para nuestras congregaciones en la comunidad Hispana/Latina.
Comenzando el Miércoles de Ceniza, las familias se disponen a practicar las devociones y disciplinas espirituales que les conectan con el sagrado misterio de la Pasión, Muerte y Resurrección de Jesús.
Las reflexiones de Cuaresma 2017 son pues, un recurso para fortalecer la preparación de los bautizados y bautizadas que se reunen en sus comunidades de fe para orar y meditar en grupo sobre los fundamentos de nuestra fe Cristiana.
La escucha es el tema principal de las reflexiones, tomando en cuenta que la Cuaresma nos permite profundizar en el significado de nuestra vida nuestra relación con Dios y con los demás.
El agradecimiento a los escritores que colaboraron con estas reflexiones: Revdo. Alvaro Araica, Revdo. José Arroyo, Revdo. Victor Conrado, Revdo. Gary Cox, Revda. Nancy Frausto, y Sr. Eduardo Rivera.
Living Compass {Brújula de Vida} comparte nuevamente estas reflexiones en una clave cultural que pueda ser aquellas y aquellos que las leerán.

Living Compass Training
Living Compass was invited to do a training with The Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts in late November, thanks to Amy Cook their Resource Center coordinator. We enjoyed getting to know this talented group of people and look forward to working with them in the months and years ahead. If your diocese is interested in an "on the road" training, please contact Edith about making the arrangements. 

Scott started the year off with a training in San Antonio, Texas. He was working with  The Community Mental Health Counselors of the Methodist Healthcare Ministries of San Antonio and all of South Texas, including border towns. These mental health counselors are all Licensed Professional Counselors, or Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and serve  people who have no insurance. They are excited to bring Living Compass to their communities. 

Closing Thoughts
We hope your Advent experience was enriched with the Living Compass seasonal resource.  Now, believe it or not, we are preparing to send out the Lenten resource, Listening with all your Heart, Soul, Strength and Mind.  Please see above regarding how to order your copies.
Scott and Holly are also busy at work on an exciting new resource, The Family Compass, which should be ready for use mid year. We will keep you posted.  

And above all, thank you all for your good work in helping make our world a place of greater faith and wellness.
So, please continue to use the CWA Facebook page to crowd source when you have a question and to share when you have a new idea that others can learn from. We are better together.