This newsletter is geared towards those who have completed a Living Compass training, but is also intended for, and can be shared with all those interested in Living Compass. 
Living Compass Community Newsletter
May 2017
Wellness In Action
     "I have used the Advent and Lenten Living Compass program in adult classes . We had exceptional discussion and found insights and inspired in how we listen. Listening with the heart seemed to provoke some special reactions. We also use the spiritual assessment in our pastoral care group. Our pastoral care group provided members for health and wellness council. We started a tween/teen group (our first) using ' Kids Walk With Christ. ' it served as a springboard for furthering our goal of building a strong youth group founded on Episcopal Christian principles and biblical ideas. I'm proud to say these kids can't wait to get to the next step. For our Sunday School kids I presented a month of studying gratitude using stories and making gratitude pillows. Every week we added something to our pillow that we were grateful to God for, an experience, a person , an animal or an angel. One mom whose daughter has an emotional disorder saw for the first time her ability to express gratitude, not by words, but by her drawings on her pillow, she tearfully thanked me for providing her daughter with an opportunity she didn't know she was capable of."

     " I'll continue putting together groups for the Advent and Lenten seasons, and my plan is to start more spiritual assessment groups. Our youth group is a work in progress and I will be ordering the Teen journal as we go. Our plan for now is for greater involvement in volunteer activities. Cleanup week at Camp Bishopswood, a garden on church property to offer garden vegetables to parishioners. A pen pal program so our seniors can meet and become mentors with our kids. Most of the kids are from "new" parishioner families and there is definitely a divide between old and young."
- Joanne Ryan
St. Thomas Episcopal Church
Camden, ME

Upcoming Congregational/Community Wellness
Advocate Trainings:    
Chicago, IL July 13-15, 2017
Chicago, IL September 21-23, 2017
Chicago, IL October 26-28, 2017

Learn how to use Living Compass and other ideas for wellness ministry to enhance your congregation's vitality and to connect with the community by beginning or expanding a wellness ministry. After a training retreat, you'll return to your congregations to complete your certification.

New: Parent and Teen Training and Think Tank
Chicago, IL June 29- July 1, 2017
Living Compass is hosting a special gathering of people who are particularly interested in teen, child and parent wellness this summer at the Nicholas Center in Chicago, and you are invited.  We will certainly look at materials (the new Parent Compass will be available by then) but will also brainstorm and dream of holistic ways we can better serve and support these often vulnerable parts of our communities.  
We are looking forward to this exciting gathering.   Please email Holly Hughes Stoner ( for more information and Edith Lipscomb ( to register. Scholarships are available. 

Register for a Congregational/Community Wellness Advocate Training
Additional Training Opportunities
Private group trainings can be arranged both at the Nicholas Center and at regional locations (for large  groups) on mutually agreeable dates.
For more information contact

Making Connections
Look for Living Compass, or join us at these up coming events:
Visit our booth at Faith Forward in Chicago May 22nd-May 25th

Certification Celebration
Please help us to congratulate the following Congregational/Community Wellness Advocates who have completed their certification:
  • Catherine Gilbert - St. Anthony on the Desert (Scottsdale, AZ)
  • Jo Rivera - St. Gabriel's Episcopal Church (Douglassville, PA)
  • Suzanne Siebert - St. Gabriel's Episcopal Church (Douglassville, PA)
  • Joanne Ryan - St. Thomas Episcopal Church (Camden, ME)


Many of you have already far surpassed the completion of what it takes to be certified and all you need to do now is fill out the form. 
I f you are interested in completing your CWA List of Activities for Certification found in your training binders or need a new form please contact
We will be honored to send you your official certificate. Keep an eye out for future certified CWA promotions and events.
Coaching Corner
Is there something you've always meant to do, wanted to do, but just ... haven't? Matt Cutts, an engineer at Google, suggests: Try it for 30 days. This short, TEDtalk offers a fun way to think about setting and achieving goals, and it might be something you would like to share with your wellness groups.  It could be a great discussion starter.  Enjoy!

NEW Resource
The Parent Wellness Compass
     Living Compass is happy to announce a brand new resource, The  Parent Wellness Compass  book! Holly and Scott Stoner, along with editor and publisher, Robbin Whittington, have recently finished creating this new resource that will help anyone who wants to to be more supportive of the families in their community.
     The book contains 32 reflections, four on each of the eight areas of wellness. Each reflection is followed by a space for self reflection and the creation of NEXT Steps. This book can be used for discussion in a group setting, by couples, or by individual parents.
     Our Parent Wellness Compass website  will be launching early this summer!  Stay tuned for more details. 

Closing Thoughts
     It's been a busy time here at Living Compass as we have just completed creating Parent Wellness Compass, our new book for parents.  This book contains thirty-two reflections, discussion questions and places for parents to create NEXT Steps; it can be read by both individual parents or in a group.  We have also finished updating our parenting coaching materials needed to run Parent Wellness Circles.
     We are excited that our new Parent/Teen training scheduled for the end of June, where we will train folks to use these new tools, has filled up. Never fear though, we are planning another special Parent/Teen training in Chicago,  November 9-11, 2017 . We know that many of you are busy as well.  Please keep in touch as we love to hear how you are creating greater wellness in your community!  We love to hear from you.