This newsletter is geared towards those who have completed a Living Compass training, but is also intended for, and can be shared with all those interested in Living Compass. 
Living Compass Community Newsletter
September 2017
Launching  The Parent Wellness Compass
Our Parent Wellness Compass book is now available. This book is ideal for group discussions. You can also download from the Parent Wellness Compass website two supporting materials, The Parent Wellness Compass companion journal and accompanying NEXT Step forms. These are both available for free as PDF files. 

Also available now are the books needed to run Parent Wellness Circles, six week parent coaching groups. 

Please take a look at these new resources and let us know if you would like to know more. 

We are also now offering special trainings where we focus exclusively on teen and parent wellness.  The next one will be in Chicago at the Nicholas on November 9-11, 2017. If you would like to attend this training contact Edith Lipscomb at

Upcoming Congregational/Community Wellness
Advocate Trainings:    
Join us for another training!
Parent and Teen Training
Chicago, IL November 9-11, 2017

This training is a great addition to the CWA training! This is not a traditional CWA training in that it is meant for people that want to focus specifically on parents and teen wellness in their school or church community. Visit our website, or contact  for more details.

Upcoming Traditional CWA Trainings
Chicago, IL September 21-23, 2017
Chicago, IL October 26-28, 2017
2018 Dates Coming Soon- Visit for info.

Learn how to use Living Compass and other ideas for wellness ministry to enhance your congregation's vitality and to connect with the community by beginning or expanding a wellness ministry. After a training retreat, you'll return to your congregations to complete your certification.

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Wellness In Action
    Brielle Giard, certified CWA from Christ Episcopal Church in Cedar Park, Texas shares her progress with Living Compass.

     At Christ Episcopal Church (CEC), we are beginning to name and define wellness, and finding the best ways to organically weave the Living Compass model into the fabric of our community. I have been using Living Compass materials since 2014, so was beyond thrilled when our leadership was ready to move forward with a focus on congregational and community wellness.  Prior to my Living Compass Training in March 2017, I had already jumped into using the resources for the six-week circle, both as a participant and as a facilitator, and had just started facilitating a six-week group for the Listening Well through Lent series.
     In February, our Rector, Trawin Malone, invited several people to meet to start a wellness commission. Our first meeting was on March 7, and then you all blew on my spark March 9-11.  The wellness commission has met monthly, since March, and have developed and started implementing a plan to roll-out a vision of wellness and the use of Living Compass materials to our congregation.  In April, we also had a group of ministry leaders attend the one-day Living Compass Introduction with Scott and Holly in Austin.  In April and May, I met with our vestry and our senior circle ministry to talk about wellness programs and the resources provided through Living Compass.  In September our youth will begin using the Teen Compass as part of their formation. Collectively, our leadership feels strongly that Living Compass offers a wonderful umbrella under which we can live our lives in wellness, as we follow the greatest commandment. 
     Our Reach Out Resources include a dedicated Living Compass space in our library with all the brochures and copies of the different Living Compass materials.  We have also changed the header of our weekly e-letter and bulletin to include heart, soul, strength, and mind, and also links to the Living Compass website and Weekly Words of Wellness.  You can also find the links on our website.
     Our vestry, staff, and wellness commission completed a group assessment and based on those results we held a 4-week Mindful Eating group in August in addition to a Wellness Circle that met weekly online.  We have also had three other staff and vestry members attend the CWA training in Chicago, and I feel confident that number will continue to grow.   
     In August, we officially rolled out the Wellness Assessment for Congregations.   To date, the congregational assessment has been taken 52 times!  This will allow us to best determine our wellness programming based on the needs of our community.
     I've already seen the Holy Spirit working through the Living Compass program. Thank you Scott, Holly and Edith for your faithfulness and for sharing these amazing gifts with the world.  I look forward to being a part of the Living Compass program as a Congregational Wellness Advocate for many years to come. 

Certification Celebration
Please help us to congratulate the following Congregational/Community Wellness Advocates who have completed their certification:

Trawin E. Malone-Christ Episcopal Church (Cedar Park, TX) 

St. John's Episcopal Church/St. John's Wellness Center (La Porte, TX)

  • Clint Brown
  • Charlie Niemeyer
  • Kim Plant
  • Chris Gould
  • Sandi Harris
  • Don Hill

Many of you have already far surpassed the completion of what it takes to be certified and all you need to do now is fill out the form. 

I f you are interested in completing your CWA List of Activities for Certification  download here, and email to
We will be honored to send you your official certificate. Keep an eye out for future certified CWA promotions and events.
Making Connections
Look for Living Compass, or join us at these up coming events:
in Houston, TX on Oct. 26-28, 2017.
in Chicago, IL on Nov. 9-10, 2017.

Closing Thoughts
As the church and school years begin we are usually busier than we were in the summer. Maintaining a healthy balance in life can be come more of a challenge when we are busy.  With this in mind, let's all recommit to supporting our own wellness as we help others do the same. 
Remember.... we can't pour from an empty cup!