"Devotion always brings us back to our heart."  - Swami Chetanananda
Volume 23.0
November --  2016
From the Cushion
Swami Chetanananda
The Magic of Gratitude
While we are fully responsible for our choices, the only choice that we can ever make that is not already programmed into us and a function of the disappointments of our ancestors is to be completely aware and, in our complete awareness, quite naturally totally grateful.
As you might guess, this isn't easy. If you try it, you are automatically going to attract obstacles-not because you have issues or problems, but because you are attempting something very powerful and important. The patterns of energy in your life will organize to resist change, and that resistance will manifest as obstacles. What you think of as issues are also your spiritual gifts, and you can be grateful for those as well. [read more]

Practice & Inspiration
Sadhvi Parānandā
It Is the Only Way 
Left to Be
Cultivating a sense of gratitude helps us keep our bodies relaxed, our minds clear, and our hearts open and full.  It helps us to find a way to gather our resources so that we can have a happy life and a rewarding practice.  The rituals and mantras that we do are technologies for connecting to the deepest part of our existence and are a means to express gratitude from our life to Life itself. [read more]

Roots of Practice
Michelle Valentino
Nourishment, Delight and Gratitude in the 
Queen of Great Bliss Puja

In Lama Wangdu Rinpoche's teachings on the puja, he explained that the practice helps to attract blessings and positive energy not only for the practitioners, but for others who need it. There are people for whom material and spiritual prosperity is difficult to achieve due to their life circumstances. [read more]

"We make offerings as an expression that giving back is a fundamental part of the process...For example, we don't just breath in, we also need to exhale once in a while."  - Swami Chetanananda
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What it means, and what it takes, 
to Grow Spiritually 

"There is so much abundance in the world that finds its expression through our capacity to learn... Ultimately learning is about the expansion and renewal of Life itself from within us." 
- Swami Chetanananda

Yoga Studio
A Gratitude Practice for the Body

This heart, and its beating, these lungs, and their breathing, have been given to YOU. Not to anyone else, to YOU! And all the secrets your heart and breath hold, are the secrets between you and Life. How precious! 

Rudra Press

Contemplating Universal Love: 
A Guided Meditation

Total well-being lies within you--and is always accessible to you, if you choose to look for it.
The practice of meditation is a way to get in touch with your personal power on a deeper level and find satisfaction and fulfillment in your life. All it requires is your conscious effort and guidance from a master. [read more]

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