May 2019   
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Last month's celebration of Earth Day reminded us all to be as "green" as possible. That led Eco Partners to ask its readers to share how they say thanks to the Earth. Those who participated in our Thank You, Earth book giveaway gave us great ideas for living green. Check out some of their responses below.

A few ways my husband, Gary, and I say thanks are choosing to pay extra on our utilities for green energy sources and trying to walk or bike instead of driving whenever that's possible. We are also slowly turning our lawn into a native habitat for pollinators!

New ways to live green are great topics to share with your community and we would love to help you do that. Please give me a call or email me.

In the meantime, keep "living green"!

Elizabeth Roe
Eco Partners
Congratulations to our Thank You, Earth winners!

Congratulations to Catelyn Scholwinski and Elisa Pokral, winners of last month's featured book,  Thank You, Earth: A Lov e Letter to Our Planet by April Pulley Sayre. In case you missed it,  here's our take on the book.
How to Say Thanks
Catelyn reading her new copy of Thank You, Earth. Photo courtesy of Catelyn Scholwinski.
There are many things we each do every day to live as lightly on the Earth as possible. However, we don't all do the same things. Our readers shared what they do to say "thanks" to the earth and live green. Maybe one of the suggestions below will be new to you and you can start a new green practice!

I say thank you to the earth by "re-wilding" my yard, removing invasive species, and planting food and shelter sources for wildlife.Elisa

[We] eat foods that are in season from local sources to reduce transportation impacts,  put sweaters on when it's cold and open windows when it's hot before using heat[ing] or cooling.~ Jennifer

Helping others understand their impact is important, including teaching my young son how to take care of the Earth he'll inherit. ~ Catelyn
For all the ideas shared, check out our blog post,  Going Green, Saying Thanks!

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