June 3, 2022

Dear friends,

Over the past few months, our team has been reading The Spell of the Sensuous: Perception and Language in a More-Than-Human World by David Abram and taking time to have a focused conversation together on each chapter. Most recently, we had a beautiful conversation about language – our own human ways of communicating and naming, but also the ways in which the other-than-human world communicates with us and beyond us. We lose so much when we fail to listen and learn from the wisdom of the world.

It can be hard to find living language – truly life-giving language – especially when there is so much violence and loss in a constant cycle of reporting and reaction. Yet we also have the power to convey so much beauty, longing, and care in the ways in which we speak and engage with one another and the world around us.

On this note, we're delighted to offer some opportunities for deep connection this summer, starting with an in-person Wonder and Wander event here in Maine focused on communing with our tree kin. For those of you engaged in the deep listening work of spiritual direction, we hope you'll join us for Spiritual Direction for a Climate-Changed World. And we have the final gathering of Lament with Earth, in which song, ritual, and sharing help us hold space for our grief.

And finally, if you're longing for thoughtful, life-giving conversations, we hope you'll subscribe to our new podcast, Climate Changed, which will be premiering later in June. Each episode will bring deep, engaging, and sometimes funny conversations with some of the leading spiritual thinkers of this time. The Climate Changed podcast will be co-hosted by our own Nicole Diroff and Ben Yosua-Davis under the production of Peterson Toscano, and you can check out a video below and subscribe on your favorite podcast platform. We're so excited that this labor of love is coming to fruition!

Wishing you all the best in these early summer days,
The BTS Center Team
Summer bring new events and programs at The BTS Center! We hope you will join us for one or more of these offerings:

Coming Soon! The BTS Center's very own Podcast:

At the end of June, we will launch The BTS Center's new podcast, Climate Changed. Hosted by Ben Yosua-Davis, Director of Applied Research, and Nicole Diroff, Program Director, and produced by Peterson Toscano, the podcast will offer intimate interviews and conversations around some of the most pressing questions about faith, life, and climate change. New episodes will premier monthly. Check out the video below for a taste of what is coming, and click here to find Climate Changed on your favorite listening platformsubscribe now so you can listen to new episodes as soon as they are available!
June Wind
by Wendell Berry

Light and wind are running
over the headed grass
as though the hill had
melted and now flowed.
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