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February 14, 2024 | Living Like Christ: A Banquet of Spiritual Experiences

Observe this Lent with a Banquet of Spiritual Experiences

As United Methodists begin the season of Lent, we enter a season of reflection, repentance, and deep prayer. Many of you already have Lenten resources to accompany you on this journey. The Baltimore-Washington and Peninsula-Delaware Conferences and their Center for Vital Leadership offer you an additional gift – a banquet of spiritual exercises based on the ground-breaking work of Positive Intelligence, which we've connected with the wisdom of Wesleyan spiritual disciplines.


During Lent, we often fast, abstaining from certain foods or practices. With this online resource, “Living Like Christ,” we offer you a banquet of ideas and experiences that will help you better connect – body, mind and spirit – with God and one another.


Each week, we’ll focus on a theme and provide you with some devotional thoughts, a grounding in Scripture, a prayer and a prompt, along with short daily spiritual exercises.


The themes include: Building Spiritual Muscles, Growing in Gratitude, Honoring Your Pain, Unblocking Love, Making Space for the New to Emerge, and Deeping Awareness. The resource is written by the Rev. Rod Miller, a pastor in the Baltimore-Washington Conference, who is currently serving as a Positive Intelligence Master Coach and co-leading the Positive Intelligence and Spirituality coaches’ group. Later this Spring, you’ll be given the opportunity to more formally explore Positive Intelligence and how it can strengthen your faith and leadership.


We invite you to explore the resource and share it with members of your faith community. It's at www.bwcumc.org/lent2024.

See 'Living Like Christ: A Banquet of Spiritual Exercises'
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